SoCal Herbal Remedies Kratom, now known as First Coast Tea Co., is the oldest in the kratom business and is based in Jacksonville, Florida. It began its business in early 2015 and enjoyed an excellent reputation.

It even got recognition from the American Kratom Association(AKA) and is part of its good-manufacturing process standards program. Being recognized by the AKA automatically made its reputation even better as it is not easy to become part of the list. 

If you’re a Kratom lover, you must know that the testing process is complex, so only twenty-five companies have been acknowledged yet. AKA requires testing every batch of products by a third party and that the lab test results be open to the public and put on the product label.

Read this review till the end to learn more about this vendor!

The Mission Of Socal Herbal Remedies Kratom

SoCal Herbal remedies aim to provide the best quality products for their customers, at the lowest prices and in the fastest time. They genuinely care about customer satisfaction and remind them that they are thankful – take pride in swiftly delivering the Premium Kratom in sustainable packaging, having fair trade practices, and correctly doing business. 

The brand firmly agrees to the philosophy that plants, people, and the planet matter more than profits and carry out their business while keeping that in mind.

Socal Herbal Remedies Kratom, Also Known As First Coast Tea Co.

A possible explanation for why the company changed its name to First Coast Tea Co. could be that their products were infected by salmonella and did not meet FDA and DEA requirements, so they were forced to rebrand. 

Another reason why they needed to rebrand was the lawsuit filed against them in 2018 when a twenty-five-year-old man died in Philadelphia after an apparent drug overdose. SoCal Herbal Remedies Kratom was charged guilty and sued for not specifying the dangers of abuse.

Still, they consider themselves to be innocent and claimed that since the deceased died in a car accident, it was because he fell in rest on the wheel after consuming the Mitragyna Speciosa product as an energy booster. The reputation of SoCal Health Remedies Kratom was tarnished as the news spread through social media. Hence, SoCal Health Remedies Kratom was forced to change its name to First Coast Tea Co. for better branding. They left everything in the past and began anew. 

They now update lab reviews of their products every week to ensure their customers’ health and win back their trust. 

Easy to Navigate Website

If you search for SoCal Herbal online, you will only find reviews online and no link to the website. The reason for this, of course, is that the company rebranded, and now you will have to search them up as First Coast Tea Company. Their website is vibrant and engaging and allows users to navigate through easily. It is professionally constructed, and you can find information about products in great detail. 

You can also lookup information regarding contact, shipping, etc. A remarkable feature of the website is the blog section. It is regularly updated with blogs that feature trips and tricks, preparation techniques, movies, food pairings, and more you could look up and explore.

A somewhat mind-boggling feature of the website is that you will find no results searching for kratom. This is even though The American Kratom Association recognized SoCal Herbal Remedies Kratom. Instead, you will have to type in speciosa. 

Best Selling Products

SoCal Herbal offers a variety of products. As such, they try to provide good quality teas and ethnobotanicals. Not only do they sell kratom, but also many non-kratom products

Given that the tea powder pages are hidden, and you can’t access them directly, they care more about selling organic products than just making profits from Mitragyna Speciosa. 

They sell ten different teas, including black tea and green tea and another ten different types of single-origin coffee blends. Moreover, they sell essential oils, kava, cat’s claw, mucuna, and frankincense. 

Kratom Strains 

Their collection is fully stocked as well. What is worth noting is that while products are under the label of First Coast Tea Company, some products are still under the label of SoCal Herbal Remedies Kratom. A plausible explanation for that would be that they still have some products left. They sell all strains of kratom and in all forms. The examples of the powdered versions available are as follows:

Borneo in the Red and White variants and MD in the green variants are available in capsules. They even sell botanical products considered to be kratom alternatives!

Price Range

The teas and powders are sold in 1 oz to 250 grams, and their prices range from 5 to 26 dollars for products labeled as First Coast Company Co., while the 250-gram bottles for SoCal Herbal sell for 32.5 dollars. They do not sell powders in bulk. Capsules, which come in 100 count bottles, are sold at 30 dollars and can be available at 25 dollars on sale.

Payment Methods

The company is entirely online-based; accepts payment through credit or debit card, Master Card, American Express, or Discover. 

Other payment methods include Money Order, Zelle Payment, and Greenbeanpay. 

Does SoCal Herbal Remedies Kratom offer a coupon code?

You may wait for the company to launch a sale. Then, a hundred capsule bottle would cost 25 dollars instead of 30. Also, many discount codes are available online. For example, you may avail of a 25 percent discount at checkout by using a promotional code from Other discount codes you can find online would be at, CouponBirds, etc.

Customer Service

SoCal Herbal Remedies Kratom offers efficient shipping, which is the most-loved aspect of customers. The customer service team is quick to respond and friendly. If you need help tracking your item or have questions about anything, they will do everything to make things easier for you.


All domestic orders are shipped through USPS Priority Mail with tracking for a flat 8.75 dollars, while orders of $100.00 or more qualify for free shipping. Moreover, package deliveries are secure and discrete, assuring that you will have no issues. SoCal Herbal Remedies Kratom does not ship to countries where its products are not legalized. 

Refund Policy

SoCal Herbal Remedies Kratom does offer a refund as long as the product is returned within thirty days and has the same packaging. Contact customer care through call or email to carry out the process. You will receive a refund five days after the company has received its product.

Final Thoughts

SoCal Herbal Remedies Kratom is at the top of their game. They offer one-hundred percent authentic and good-quality products, care about customers’ welfare, and are the oldest in business. Their site works perfectly well, making ordering a product just a single tap away. They did face some mishaps in the past but tried their best to come out of it even more vital. So, are you ready to buy kratom from them?


SoCal Remedies Kratom are safe to use. The American Kratom Association has acknowledged them. Products of their batches are tested in labs, and the results are available to customers before purchase. Furthermore, they update their lab findings every week for customers’ satisfaction.

Yes, the company had to face a lawsuit, but they came out of it better. You can trust that the company will ensure its best to satisfy you and ultimately put your faith in it. They have the longest track record of any American Kratom firm, having been in operation for over six years. They are also family-owned and run, and their staff and customers appear to enjoy their time with them.

Unfortunately, SoCal Herbal Remedies Kratom does not sell its powder in bulk. The maximum powder sold at once is 250 grams. Instead, you could purchase a bottle of capsules as there are a hundred capsules per bottle, and you could have more dosage. 

SoCal Herbal Remedies Kratom is not accessible by its name anyway. However, if you search up First Coast Tea Co, you will encounter a private Facebook group with around fourteen hundred members. The group is mainly focused on sharing information related to company products and discourages talking bad about other companies.

Generally, SoCal Herbal Remedies Kratom does sell its products worldwide through shipping. However, it doesn’t export its products to places where the herb legality has not been established

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