The best methods for storing Kratom depend on many factors. To retain the efficacy and freshness of Kratom, one may choose dark and cool areas away from UV light, humidity, and oxygen. It would be advisable to take the same approach as expensive teas to your Kratom and store it in the same way.

There’s evidence that storing Kratom in poor conditions for an extended period reduces its efficacy. When mitragynine, the chief active component, is kept incorrectly, it progressively changes into another chemical. 

Use fresh ground Kratom leaf within one to three months of delivery as a general guideline. Also, buy Kratom online from a reliable retailer to ensure that you receive fresh Kratom and store it correctly.

But to prevent your Kratom from degrading, keep it in suitable containers for its intended use. These pointers will help you in keeping your Kratom in the best possible state.

Why is Kratom such a sensitive supplement?

If you want to comprehend why Kratom is so reactive, it’s necessary to first look at its roots. The source of this herb is none other than Mitragyna speciosa. This tree thrives in damp, hot environments across the world, mainly in Southeast Asia. Additionally, the leaves from this tree are collected and processed into powder. Since the active chemicals in Kratom must be handled and maintained appropriately, the product’s efficacy will deteriorate with time.

Any premium Kratom specialist or devotee will tell you that the first few months are the most beneficial. If you wait any longer, the botanical will more or less have gone stale and will no longer have a beneficial effect. 

The freshness of the Kratom may differ depending on where you obtained it, so you don’t want to risk tarnishing it by putting it in any place. You can trust your Kratom capsules, powders, and extracts to survive considerably longer if you put in the effort and time to create the ideal storage conditions for them.

What are the storage adversaries of Kratom?

When it comes to storing Kratom, there are many potential factors you must take into consideration. These include the quality, taste, and longevity of your Kratom supplements. Let’s take a closer look at these storage enemies. 

Fluctuating temperature

While Kratom supplements should get maintained in a chilly environment, temperature fluctuations are the biggest concern to prevent. When Kratom shifts from one end of the temperature spectra to the other, its alkaloids deteriorate rapidly. So if you keep that in mind, it would be wise to look for a place with little to no temperature variation.

If your kitchenette is southwest-facing and becomes particularly hot at the end of the day, you might want to consider moving the supplement stores to a different area. For Kratom preservation, a dark cupboard or an underground basement are also viable options.

Ultra-violet light

The sun’s rays are intense and potentially hazardous. We all know that spending long periods in direct sunlight may be harmful to our skin. The same is true when it comes to Kratom storage.

The alkaloids in Kratom begin to break down on exposure to sunlight. If you’re a frequent Kratom user, it’s possible that after sitting in UV light for a while, your Kratom will be less effective when you eventually consume it.

Although Kratom can handle moderate sunlight, you must consider how much UV light irradiates your stored supplement. But if you want to avoid this entire situation altogether, you may look for jars and tins that have a dark color. As a result, there will be a lesser entry of UV radiation into the container, slowing down the Kratom alkaloids’ decomposition process. 

Excessive oxygen

Oxygen is a necessary component in oxidation. Oxidation causes rust in metals, but it may also happen in foodstuffs and micronutrients. 

Kratom, like any organic molecule, can be degraded by this process. It is particularly vulnerable to atmospheric disturbances once it leaves the tree, so you’ll want to keep those variations to a minimum. Moreover, you may also want to keep the amount of oxygen in your storage containers to a minimum.

Prolonged exposure to high quantities of oxygen, just like UV light, might damage the effectiveness of your Kratom. Airtight containers and bags aid in the slowing or prevention of this process. 

Tips and tricks for storing Kratom

If you like to buy Kratom in bulk quantities or want to use your supply for a longer time, make sure to follow the given guidelines. 

Avoid damp conditions

Moisture is arguably the most significant threat to preserved supplements. You don’t want your Kratom to get damp and soggy and remain this way under any circumstance. That is because it will undoubtedly decay. Moreover, dampness has the same negative impact on capsules, powder, and Kratom leaves.

If your refrigerator is unbelievably humid, you should reconsider using it as a storage location. Humidity may rapidly build up within storage units like boxes, so make sure your container has as minimal air as possible. A paper towel or a slice of bread in your storing box may also help absorb some of the extra moisture in the air.

Storing Kratom in moisture-free containers

Compact, plastic containers are the ideal way to store Kratom for everyday usage. Split your Kratom leaves or powders into measured quantities for each day, then stash away each portion in its container.

This preservation technique eliminates all of the moisture from the container, as oxygen is detrimental to the lifetime of Kratom. Close the bag as tightly as possible before pressing down to expel any residual air. In addition, you may also suck out the air with a straw shortly before zipping it up. These vacuum seal pouches are an ingenious idea and are popular amongst Kratom consumers.


Should I keep a check on my Kratom?

Even after taking all the necessary steps, moisture may still make its way to your supplements. Therefore, it would be advisable to check your botanicals and ensure there isn’t any mold formation. 

Can I store my brewed Kratom tea?

Like any other supplement tea, this one can also last for up to a week in the fridge. But with storage in the freezer, it can last indefinitely. 

Final Thoughts

Regardless of being an experienced Kratom buyer, it is never a bad idea to take precautions. Moreover, buying from vendors that provide freshly made supplements, like Golden Monk and Kratom Basket, may further increase the longevity of your Kratom. Shop Kratom online! 

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