The Thai Kratom tree is also known as “Thom” or “Keetum.” It is a tropical perennial plant that is an extension of the coffee family in Southeast Asia. Scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, it gets widely cultivated in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea. 

Although Ketum tastes bitter, it is widely consumed in the herbal cure – especially in Thailand, because of its many benefits. 

Production of Thai Kratom 

Popular in the U.S, where critics and advocates have different views, Kratom is the latest all-natural herb the Thai government has made legal for production. 

Let’s dive into more details!

Production of quality Mitragyna speciosa requires patience. The plant undergoes significant change during its growth period. As the tree leaves mature, there is a change in the alkaloid balance in the leaves at a chemical level. Slowly, the mitragynine level reduces while the 7-hydroxy mitragynine levels increase.

Once the leaves are fully mature, the harvesters pluck them and spread them in trays so they can dry up. Sometimes, the farmers place the leaves in sunlight or UV light as well. It changes the alkaloid balance further, enhancing their properties.

The farmers then grind the leaves into a fine powder and sell it like that or, they fill the powder into capsules of fixed dosage. In this way, the consumer can buy whatever form of Kratom according to their personal needs. 

Meaning of the Different Colors of Thai Kratom

There are many strains of Ketum found in Thailand and, each has a different color. The color indicates the age of the plant and the effect it has. The immature plant has a white vein, the growing plant has a green vein, and the mature plant has red veins.

There is a different concentration of alkaloid accumulating inside the leaves of the plant as it grows. These alkaloids determine the characteristics of the veins and the action of the kratom plant.

The nature in which the leaves get collected and dried also influences the overall effect of the plant. Exposure to light also alters the concentration of alkaloids changing, the color and the action of the plant.

Different strains of Thai Kratom

There are three main types of Thai kratom, further divided into several branches with names indicating their origin. The principal strains are the red, green, and white veined plants. Each type has unique properties creating a different effect. 

Red Kratom

It is perhaps the most purchased form of tree leaf powder. It can grow anywhere but is most widespread in Borneo and Bali because of the suitable climate. Moreover, many users report that it helps regulate rest and also relaxes muscles. However, different types of red strain plants can have other impacts.

It is grown naturally in Bali. Farmers pick the leaves when the plant is mature and, the leaves and veins have turned bright red. It has a high alkaloid concentration.

This strain is cultivated in Thailand but can also grow optimally in other parts of Southeast Asia; hence, it is considered very versatile. Its impact is mild and is popular among those who dislike strong effects.

It derives its origin from Indonesia but thrives extensively in Borneo. It has unique horn-shaped leaf tips and is very potent in effect. 

It is widely grown on the island of Sumatra and has a very high alkaloid content. Hence, people must be careful to take it in a small dose to prevent any harm.

White Kratom

Reportedly, Ketum plants with white veins enhance the users’ mood and boost energy. Users say they feel mentally alert and sharp after taking white Kratom. It has a light and stimulating impact and does not cause any crash in energy like caffeine. There are several subtypes of white Kratom, each with varying properties. 

It is the most immature form of white Kratom and grows in Borneo. It is sedative in nature because of the mitragynine alkaloid present in the leaves. 

The White Bali originates from the island of Bali in Indonesia. It has a more powerful impact than White Borneo but is less potent than White Thai. The alkaloids in this plant interact with soporific receptors in the user’s body to block ache signals. 

Initially, farmers cultivated it in Thailand but, now that the Thai government has outlawed its export, farmers grow it in Indonesia. It is the most potent form of white Kratom and, users take it for boosting energy and inducing a state of extreme happiness. Users must take it at a low dose to prevent any adverse reaction at the start.

The effect of White Sumatra can be soothing yet energetic. As discussed in the Reddit platform, if the user takes a heavier dose, he feels more relaxed and less stimulated. Also, it has the lengthiest impact. 

It has a very high concentration of the alkaloid mitragynine and delivers a strong impact even in a minute dose. 

Green Kratom

It is considered a mix or a balance of the red and white kratom plants. Users also mix it with either red or white kratom products, depending on what they desire. Below are given the best subtypes of green Kratom.

It is often called “keetum” by the local population in Malaysia, where it grows. As per users, this form provides a suitable energy boost – without affecting their daily activities – in smaller doses. 

Farmers cultivate this variant on the Southeast Asian island of Borneo. People with a short attention span prefer using it because it enables them to focus on the task at hand. 

Farmers export it from Bali and, that is from where it derives its name. It is particularly potent and delivers a balance of effects between the red and white veined types. 

It is the most popular green kratom strain and grows mainly in Thailand. For many users, it is a substitute for coffee and other energy drinks. 

It grows on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The favorable climate and unique soil enable a high concentration of alkaloids to accumulate in its leaves. This makes it very potent. 

Forms of Thai Kratom Products


 Manufacturers incorporate tree leaves into various forms. You can use it in the form of tablets, paste, powder, capsule, or extract. Once the plant is mature, the leaves are picked, dried, and finely crushed into a powder. Hence, the powder is the purest form of Ketum. It sells as is or is filled into capsules. 


It is much more concentrated. The harvester boils the powder or the dried leaves for a longer time and, the alkaloids leach out into the solution. The harvester removes the residue through a strain and sells the solution as an extract. It is more expensive than the powder because of the added process.

Companies sell these extracts in both powdered and liquid form. They are two times more potent than the powder and usually have a darker color because of the high amount of alkaloids.

Thai Kratom Dosage

The dosage requirement of Kratom depends on various factors, as each individual is different from the other. But generally, Thai kratom dosage is given as below:

Where To Buy The Best Quality Kratom?

Since Kratom is known to have positive and therapeutic effects when used appropriately, people must buy the best quality available. It must be free from all adulterations so that people get maximum benefits. The following are considered the most reliable all-natural herbal suppliers.

SA Kratom

They offer customer service round the clock. The staff is well informed about each of their products and are friendly towards clients. They take time to answer all questions and, if the client is dissatisfied with his purchase, they can get their money back within thirty days. They also permit different modes of payment and, all of those are secure. 

Kratom Basket

In addition to providing quality customer service, they also vouch that they obtain their kratom products ethically through fairness in trade. They also have an extensive independent testing system to make sure the products they sell are authentic. They also offer rapid delivery on orders of fifty dollars or more. 

Golden Monk

It is an exclusively online Premium kratom vendor, supported by the American Kratom Association. It provides a diverse selection of kratom products as powders, capsules, and different strains too. All their products are imported from Indonesia and tested independently. They also offer a loyalty program to the clients through which they gather points on each purchase which they can later use.

FAQs Related to Thai Kratom

Is Kratom legal in Thailand?

In 2021, the government of Thailand fully legalized Mitragyna Speciosa and removed this all-natural herb from the list of narcotics (Category V). 

Where to find premium Thai Kratom for sale?

SA kratom, Golden Monk, and Kratom Basket offer ethically-sourced, premium quality Thai kratom for sale in various forms; capsule and powder. By sourcing tree leaf powder from ethical farms and paying their farmers’ fair wages, all three of them can deliver you safe and reliable Ketum every time.

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