Thailand is famously known for its welcoming people, eye-catching beaches, ultimately relaxing massages, tuk-tuks, full moon parties, and floating markets. But, there is this one thing that takes the beauty of Thailand to the next level – the unique Thai Kratom strain.

Yes, folks! The Thai kratom strain is one of the most cherished varieties of kratom among kratom lovers. But, what makes this strain a top favorite? That’s exactly what you will be exploring in this article. From its exclusive features to leading online kratom vendors, you will get your hands on the complete guide to Thai Kratom.
So let’s get straight into it folks!

Thai Kratom – What is so unique about this kratom variety?

Every kratom strain has something extraordinary to offer, and the Thai kratom is sure-shot a winning kratom strain considering everything from its alkaloid profile to ever-lasting effects. Emerging from the deep, lush-green, and nutrient-rich Islands of Thailand, the Thai kratom has jaw-dropping potency, balanced alkaloid ratios, and consistently analogous effects from batch to batch.

Depending upon what vein color is required, the farmers carefully hand-pick each Thai kratom leaf from the huge, ever-green tree known as Mitragyna Speciosa. The leaf picking session is time taking as farmers pay keen attention to detail to every leaf, ensuring none of them have even a minute bruise or any blemishes.

These richly juicy leaves make their way to the cleaning area where each leaf is extensively cleaned to wash away the dust particles. What’s next? The drying session!  The Thai kratom leaves are evenly placed on compartments and dried using robust industrial fans.

Once dried, the leaves are ground to form a granule-free, super-soft, and all-natural Thai kratom powder using fast-acting 100-micron grinders. Following the right GMP practices, the powder is packed and delivered to enthusiasts.

A guide to Red, Green, White, and Yellow Thai Kratom

Based on unique vein colors, the Thai kratom strain is further subdivided into four varieties –  Red, Green, White, and Yellow. Read below to find out what makes these four Thai kratom strains different from each other and what would be your ideal choice.

Red Thai Kratom

Red Thai kratom comes from the mightiest kratom leaves that grow in Thailand. These leaves have red veins inside depicting higher concentrations of 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloid. Since Red Thai kratom leaves are harvested when the Mitragyna Speciosa tree is fully developed and matured, hence, the alkaloid ratios are also concentrated and potent.

Green Thai Kratom

Green Thai kratom is harvested when the Mitragyna Speciosa tree is in its middle age period. The leaves have vibrant green veins that are prominently visible at all times.

This is a hybrid of both White Thai and Red Thai. For this reason, it contains an equal amount of both essential alkaloids- Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine. If you are looking for an entirely balanced kratom strain then Green Thai would be your ideal choice.

White Thai Kratom

The White Thai kratom originates from the younger M.speciosa leaves that are not fully developed yet. As the name suggests, these leaves have prominent white veins that show higher concentrations of the potent kratom alkaloid – Mitragynine. For this reason, the White Thai kratom is considered to be an extremely stimulating kratom variety with ever-lasting effects.

Yellow Thai Kratom

Yellow Thai kratom does not occur naturally in Thailand, it is a modified kratom strain made by following an exceptionally unique drying process. The Red Thai strain is usually sun-dried until the Red veins change their color to a Gold-like yellow color. The Yellow Thai is also made by blending Green and Red Thai kratom, this blend contains all the essential alkaloids of both Green and Red Thai, imagine the supreme potency just for a sec, doesn’t it excite you?

Thai kratom powder vs Thai kratom capsules – What should be your ultimate choice?

We have discussed earlier in this piece how Thai kratom powder is made. Now, what’s a bit challenging with Thai kratom is its taste. The taste is a little bit  on the bitter side and for this reason, many kratom enthusiasts find it difficult to have it in its purest form.

If you love the organic taste of herbs, then kratom powder would be the best fit for you. Otherwise, if you want to consume all-natural Thai kratom powder and somehow want the bitterness to be at bay, then look no further than Thai kratom capsules. These capsules are safe to use and come in pre-measured dosages.

Is it safe to use Thai kratom?

Yes, like all other health-boosting ethnobotanicals, Thai kratom is unquestionably safe to use. Make sure you consult your health care practitioner before using Thai kratom and extensively research it before choosing the right vein color. Also, practice moderation while using this specific kratom strain, and do not take high doses (more than 5grams) too often. Keep the doses between 1-3grams, take a few days off, rotate strains, and you are good to go.

Where to buy top-quality Thai kratom on sale?

Here comes that important part where most of the kratom lovers struggle to understand. Some may spend a huge amount of bucks but do not get premium quality Thai kratom powder, while others may get a good amount of powder for a few bucks but the potency fails to please the little excitement-filled soul inside them.

Remember, if you are looking for a pharmaceutical-grade Thai kratom powder, make sure that the vendor should be GMP certified, sources Thai kratom directly from Thailand, sells all-natural kratom powder at unbeatable prices, have numerous positive user reviews, and has a reputable image in kratom market. Here are top-3 GMP certified and trustworthy kratom vendors who won’t ever fail to meet your kratom needs.

  1. SA Kratom
  2. Golden Monk
  3. Kratom Basket

Final Thoughts

Thai kratom is one of the luxurious herbal products in the kratom market. From its unique alkaloid profile to enduring health-boosting effects, this strain became fan-favorite of numerous kratom enthusiasts in no time. Make sure you consult your health care practitioner before using Thai kratom and let us know how your experience was.

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