There are plenty of Kratom vendors as well as retailers in the market and obviously, there are mixed reviews about them. In this situation, getting stressed out while looking for the best seller is obvious. So, should we drop the idea of buying a useful herb called Kratom? Not at all!

Lately, Third Eye Kratom is a topic of discussion among Kratom-heads. But, What makes it so special? Is it the right idea to buy products through it? Well, this is why we have shared with you the details we found while we were researching. So, gear up and read away!

About Third Eye Kratom

This is a U.S based company that mainly offers Kratom pills and capsules. Although it does not have its own online presence which makes it difficult for people to purchase products directly from them, but it sells its products mainly through The Herbal Palace. It is an online store that sells CDB and scientific glass. Considering this, we will also discuss The Herbal Palace’s details with respect to Third Eye Kratom.

Third Eye Kratom Lab says that it runs its products through several tests but they don’t have the proof so we can’t say anything for sure. However, its customers are seen to be head over heels in love with the quality of its range. Their range comes all the way from Southeast Asia which is also known as the hub of Kratom and it is harvested and collected by only experienced farmers. They also get research conducted on their batches each year which proves that their range is all premium. Consequently, they have managed to mark themselves as one of the reputable sellers.

Third Eye Kratom Products

Well, they do not offer a vast array of products. It majorly deals in capsules and pills and three of them are currently stocked- Red Vein, White Vein and Gold Bali. Its products are said to be potent. If you are not fond of the taste Kratom holds then it is advisable to opt for Kratom capsules. It will be a great idea to shop from this brand if you are a business because they only sell Kratom in bulk. The top-rated Third Eye Kratom Products are;

White Vein Kratom

If the reason behind your Kratom purchase is to seek energy then making a purchase through this brand will surely give you a great taste and boost your energy levels.

Bali Gold Kratom

If you want to try a strain with analgesic properties and to feel relaxed then buying through this company will meet your needs.

Red Vein Kratom

Just as Bali Kratom from this company, this strain also helps you relax and fight insomnia. Users have a lot of treasuring for this one.

Green Maeng Da

If you want to have some strain to deal with your pain, be it chronic pain then this strain is for you. Many clients have claimed this strain, belonging to this particular brand to have helped them live a pain-free life.

Third Eye Kratom Prices

Inevitably, their products’ quality is adored and so is the price. It is rare to find products that are not only top-notch but also pocket-friendly. Don’t believe it? Follow the chart below!

12 count of kratom capsulesStarting at $8.99
30 count bottle $13.99
90 count$34.99
300 count bottle $79.99

Third Eye Kratom Delivery

If you live in the United States then you are lucky because this brand offers free shipping all across the United States. Moreover, there are other states where it does not deliver it. These states are Arkansas, Rhode Island, Indiana, Wisconsin, Alabama. They ship their orders through UPS Ground Mail and it takes about five business days for them to be shipped.

Third Eye Kratom Payment Methods

Unfortunately, The Herbal Palace does not have multiple payment options. So, it might be a hassle for you to make a purchase from them if you can’t pay through green eCheck.

Third Eye Kratom Discounts, Offers and Coupons

The Herbal Palace barely offers any discounts and coupons since its prices are already affordable. However, they might offer these in the future so it is a great idea to stay in touch with their site. On the flip side, Third Eye Kratom does offer promo codes to have you access their products at even more affordable rates. You can avail up to 10 percent to 15 percent off at the checkout if you redeem these promo codes.

Third Eye Kratom Return Policy

They have an excellent return policy. You can refund the products within 30 days of purchase. The products you wish to return must be damaged. Also, this applies to the items that are not yet opened. However, if the items are opened, unclean or you don’t have a valid reason to return them then you might need to pay a fifteen percent return processing fee. Moreover, you might have to pay for the shipping charges as well.

You can request a refund by emailing them your important details so they can process your refund request as soon as possible. As soon as they are available, they will respond to you. They can be accessed through the email ‘’ and through their Instagram page.

Hurray! Now you know if you should get your hands on Third Eye Kratom or not. There is no doubt that nothing is perfect but choosing something which is near to perfection is what saves us. Looking at the quality, The Herbal Palace’s customer service, accessibility, affordability and fast shipping, this brand seems to be an excellent choice. However, it is not for you if you can’t keep up with the single payment option and limited variety. Moreover, if you are planning to buy capsules then this brand is something you should not miss at all.

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