For a decade and half, Americans have been using Kratom as it is an effective herb and said to have a few side effects compared to the other products. Keeping in view the exceptional demand, many sellers have emerged to cater to the Kratom needs.

However, increased quantity has resulted in compromised quality. Consequently, it has become hard to identify which of the vendors is best of all and worth choosing.

Treasure House Botanicals is one of the vendors who are selling Kratom based products. In this article we are going to discuss each and every aspect related to the vendor Treasure House Botanicals.

As a result, it will become easier for you to make a choice whether you should buy products from Treasure House Botanicals or search for an alternate option. Let’s start off without further ado.

About Treasure House Botanicals

Treasure House Botanicals is none other than a US based supplier with a wide variety of Kratom based products. Brand has its website which displays almost each and every information related to products, prices and other brand related information. We are going to explain each and very fact and aspect to you in detail about the brand.

About Product Line

Treasure House Botanicals has a great variety of products which we are discussing here. Red Piaman Kratom is one of the famous products offered by the brand. They also provide Kratom based powders, capsules and more. Here is the list of some of the products offered by the brand:

We tried to cover almost all the products offered by the brand. You can easily access information about the types of product, its quality and variety at their website.

Are These Products Pocket Friendly?

We have already seen that there is a wide variety of products offered by the brand but the question worth an answer is- are these products good with respect to price or not?

To cater to the need, we have gathered some information about the price range of the products offered by the brand Treasure House Botanicals. Here is the idea of prices for the products offered by the brand:

Multiple Kratom strain of 150 capsules for$21.95
250 grams of Kratom powder for ( Batch #29)$20.17
250 grams of Kratom powder for Batch #30$20.71
100 grams of batch #29 and 30 Kratom powder can be purchased for$11.95

Here is another rough estimate for Kratom products although the price varies batch to batch but below mentioned is an estimate.

These prices indicate that Treasure House Botanicals has prices similar to that of their customers.

Do They Offer Any Discounts?

It is obvious that everybody nowadays loves discounts, sale offers and coupon codes and so, Treasure House Botanicals loves to run the sale offers. They also have some promo codes available on their website by which you can avail a good amount of discount.

It is also a very good aspect about Treasure House Botanicals that they not only post these discount offers and promo codes at their website but also advertise them on other platforms so everyone can avail the opportunity.

About Customer Service

Through the research and reviews, we have seen that Treasure House Botanicals has the best customer service out there. This return policy that they offer will give you an idea about how much they take their customers seriously.

Yes! They have a return policy that you can return your products within 20 days. Isn’t it surprising that this brand is offering you the time period of as long as 20 days to return the goods you have purchased? They also make this thing sure that their customers will get their queries and concerns answered on time.

Are Their Products Laboratory Tested?

As for now, there is barely any information available about if their products are lab tested or not.  But this information is undoubtedly authentic that the products offered by Treasure House Botanicals are original and can be used without fear.

Payment Methods Available

As a customer you are also concerned about the payment methods this very brand offers. You don’t have to worry about anything. We have gathered information about this aspect as well. So without wasting any time let’s talk about the payment methods available while dealing with Treasure House Botanicals:

Bottom Line

After thorough investigation on this company and considering all the facts and figures, we have come to the conclusion that overall this is a reasonable company to consider for the purchases of Kratom based products.

First and foremost aspect which we consider while buying any product is its quality, variety and price and so, it is genuinely pleasing to know that Treasure House Botanicals meets these needs.

Payment methods which the brand offers are also convenient but there is a problematic thing that payment through cash is not available as an option for those who want to pay in this manner.

Secondly, the unavailability of information about lab testing also makes it shady. Being a customer, you always demand attention and want to be answered as soon as possible and this is where the customer service comes to assist you. Keeping in view all that we just discussed, it does not seem to be a bad idea to try this brand.

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