Urban Ice Organics Kratom has received more attention on Kratom forums than any other seller. It has sparked interest among supplement consumers across the United States.

The company is in Las Vegas, Nevada. It features a user-friendly website, and its merchandise is obtainable in smoke shops around the whole nation.

The brand strives to provide the highest quality Mitragyna to its consumers and guarantees quality. Their goal is to supply not only Premium Kratom products but also at a fair price.

Moreover, Urban Ice Organics Kratom employs some of the friendliest and personable employees that are open to constructive feedback. 

What is Urban Ice Organics Kratom?

When you look at the online website, there is a very apparent lack of basic information. And if you look at the web pages of “Teams” and “Our Story,” all it says is “Coming Soon.” These pages appear to have been vacant for some time, but perhaps they’ll get around to them after this review.

We examined the domain’s age of Urban Ice Botanicals’ website because there’s no mention of the company’s birthday with the public. We discovered that the brand has been operating since 2012, at least on the Internet.

Despite the absence of background data, a glance at the website reveals that the vendor is well-versed in supplement distribution. The website works effectively, the product categories are concise, and the design and user experience are well-thought-out. More significantly, they have a portion of their site focused on delivering information to clients called “Articles.”

The website has a unique fitness feel, which sets it apart from the competition. The brand undoubtedly understands what it’s up against, so its product quality standards are likely to be exceptional. It supports the fact that the company has accreditation with the American Kratom Association

The organization describes Urban Ice Organics Kratom as a member of the AKA GMP Standards Program, which requires suppliers to agree to high-level production process criteria. 

All in all, the business’s first impression is a pleasant one. 

What Products Do They Sell?

Mitragyna Speciosa from Urban Ice Organics Kratom is high-quality and old-fashioned. The company is notable for providing the purest, freshest, and most effective supplement strains available in nature. Kratom is available in three different colors: green, red, and white. Below are their most popular ones.

Super Green Malay (SGM) 

SGM (Super Green Malay) is a centuries-old cultivar known for its potent qualities and long-lasting scent. 

The Super Green from Urban Ice Organics Kratom is the most efficient at a dose of approximately 25 grams or higher. 

Maeng Da (MD)

It’s challenging to express how magnificent Maeng Da (MD) is; the locals of Southeast Asia consider this potent Ayurvedic variety to be the original Horn Kratom strain. It’s simple to see why after you’ve experienced some.

For $32.99, you can have sixty grams, or for $69.99, you can get 250 grams.

Red Bali (RB)

Red Bali is the supreme ruler of the red vein Kratom variants. And it is available in 60 grams for $32.99, much like the other strains on the vendor’s website.

Urban Indo Leaf Vein

You may select the variant you want when ordering one, such as red, green, or white.

The all-natural herb is available in powder form, and the costs are the same regardless of the variety you purchase. It is an entirely natural product with reliable flavor and quality.

You may get one of these strains individually for 250g or a mix & match bundle that includes all three strains for $169.99.

We’re not sure what your preference is, but this appears to be a far better bargain than what other companies offer.

Urban Green Malay Capsules

You may acquire a pound of these 100% pure Mitragyna Speciosa capsules for about $10. And this capsule pack is also available in other various strains and at such low costs and green. It may be quite beneficial for someone who is on a tight budget.

Urban Liquid Options

The super-popular pomegranate super tea is available, alongside a Kratom shot and Maeng Da extract oils. You can also get your hands on a new red vein extract oil for $15.99.

Other items’ prices are far too low, which is shocking in the market nowadays, where everyone is looking for profits. We advise you to try these items, specifically the pomegranate tea, which is said to work miracles for folks who take it first thing in the morning.

Are Their Products Lab-Tested?

After conducting extensive research, we discovered that the supplier does not have any accessible lab testing certificates on its website. Once some consumers received the Kratom after placing a sample order, they evaluated its quality. Even though they couldn’t check the laboratory tests directly online, it appears that they do some third-party lab testing. Overall, the company seems to be a legitimate Mitragyna supplier.

Do They Offer Any Coupons and Discounts?

Any genuinely credible retailer, we believe, will provide discount codes to first-time consumers. After all, if they’re selling a good product, they shouldn’t have any trouble demonstrating their worth by offering a discount. The enormous number of online promo codes indicates that Urban Ice Organics Kratom isn’t afraid to prove themselves.

Codes are subject to change at any time, but for now, use ALOF20 to save 20% on your order. 

Does This Brand Have A Wholesale Option?

Urban Ice Organics Kratom is in Nevada and has a single facility. The company’s items are purchasable via private merchants or through the company’s web store. The brand invites wholesale buyers to team up and help spread the benefits of tea powder to better people’s lives.

You can also join the business by completing an online application. To get in touch with the company and become an engaged retailer of their high-quality products, you need a brief survey and some contact details. Moreover, buying through wholesale also opens up the possibility of slashed prices with bulk orders. 

What is Urban Ice Organics Kratom Payment Policy?

You can pay via debit and credit cards. Other than that, the inhabitants of Las Vegas may also pay by cash on delivery.

What is The Vendor’s Shipping Policy?

Like almost every Kratom vendor, Urban Ice Organics Kratom also partners with USPS for its deliveries. After placing the order, you can expect the package to reach your doorstep within 3-5 days. But if you live in Las Vegas, it may be even sooner. Nevertheless, try not to make purchases over the weekend because it might take extra days to get to you. Any order over $75 automatically gets free shipping, which is always good news. 

After placing the order, you may receive a tracking number in your email. This information will help you know the whereabouts of your order and when you can expect it to reach you. 

And just for the record, the brand cannot and does not deliver to states that have restrictions imposed on Kratom supplements. 

Do They Have A Social Media Presence?

Any new business must have a significant presence on multiple social media platforms in today’s world. The Internet is, without a doubt, the most credible business tool accessible today. Urban Ice Organics Kratom is the fastest-growing Mitragyna brand in the United States, and the vendor’s excellent social media presence is a component in that expansion.

You can find their pages on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Their social media accounts send out updates regularly and have a sizable following. Moreover, they promote their business on their pages, which brings in more potential customers.

Customers Views About Urban Ice Organics Kratom

We spent many hours on forums and sites like Reddit to learn more about Urban Ice Organics Kratom. The bulk of internet reviews is positive, with a few negative ones thrown in for good measure. The products are costly and overvalued, according to conventional criticism. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

The bulk of the brand’s testimonials on their webpage are all five stars. Customers continue to appreciate the speed of delivery and the high quality of the supplements. Nevertheless, always read a company’s reviews carefully to verify if they’re genuine. Although the reviews for Urban Ice Kratom appear to be accurate, there’s no way to know if the reviewer bought the product.



· Company website lacks loads of background information

· Products may be a bit too pricey for some consumers

Final Thoughts

Urban Ice Organics Kratom strives to be as reliable as possible. The brand’s address and its email and phone number are all on the website.

The company also follows all of the FDA’s rules and regulations and makes no fraudulent health claims. Other than that, they also acknowledge that their webpage information has not undergone evaluation by the FDA. 

This seller has been in business for a long time, typically the best indication of high-quality Kratom and exceptional customer service. They’re worth a look, especially now that they’ve been certified as a GMP Verified Vendor by the American Kratom Association 


Does the FDA regulate the products?

None of the products undergo regulation or evaluation of the FDA. The brand mentions this clearly on its official homepage. 

Is this vendor trustworthy?

The transparency of a Kratom company determines its trustworthiness. There are a lot of subpar brands on the market today that operate for the sole goal of selling. The idea is to deceive as many customers as possible. As a result, such brands are rarely honest with their buyers.

However, Urban Ice Organics Kratom strives to be as reliable as possible. The brand’s address and its email and phone number are all on the website.

The company also follows all of the FDA’s rules and regulations and makes no fraudulent health claims. Other than that, they also acknowledge that their webpage information has not undergone evaluation by the FDA. 

Are there age restrictions for buying the supplements?

Although the legal age is 18, you can only buy products from the company if you’re 21.

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