Vivazen Vendor is the pioneer of liquid kratom shot, and its popularity with this product shot up within days! Even if you don’t find the broadest range of Mitragyna strains at the shop, there is enough to offer everyone a stimulating experience. When you find that the product range is limited, pick up a kratom shot! This little bottle of energy has become such a hit that numerous vendors have placed it on their shelves.

The Company

Vivazen Vendor headquarters are in Utah, and as many online shops, this vendor started as a quest for quality. Upon finding some exciting ways to use Kratom, they started offering it to others as well. Now, Vivazen Vendor shares space with the top online shops in the United States because of its practical and potent products.

Products on display

Many of you will ask if it is allowed to call Vivazen Vendor a shop if they sell only three products. The answer is yes! Because the impact of these three products can change the lives of millions, and that too in unique ways! You can find the Vivazen Original Feel Good Relief, the Ultimate, and MAX at gas stations, online shops, smoke shops, and weed shops all over the country! The availability and widespread retail of these three products make Vivazen Vendor a milestone on the kratom map!

The Feel Good Relief formula ingredients make it potent, energizing, and boost good moods and feelings! Willow and Yohimbe bark extracts and Passionflower extract add to this kratom shot. The other ingredients include Valerian Root, Boswellia Serrate Resin, and Corydalis Yanhusou Rhizome extracts. The punch of energy and long hours of effects is a treat for anyone who tries the product.

Vivazen Vendor stresses the dosage of these shots as many customers suffered side effects such as nausea, headache, and diarrhea after they consumed a lot of the kratom shots. This shot is supposed to be a one-time dose, and you cannot drink it more than once each day.


The exclusive kratom shots cost more than kratom powder or capsules that you can buy from any other online store. A pack of 12 bottles of the original formula is for $59, and if you consume one daily, it means that you spend $4.29 each day. While kratom products such as capsules, pills, and powder may cost much less, the effects of the shots are what will compel you to switch to this tiny bottle of natural energy. MAX shots will cost you more as a pack of 12 bottles is for $99. People who want to prioritize their health will

Discounts and promotions

A lot of you will be on the lookout for discounts or promo deals from Vivazen Vendor so that you can enjoy the potent effects of MAX or Feel Good Formula! Yes, we all are lucky because the company sometimes offers discounts, but don’t depend on them as they are very few deals! If you have subscribed to the brand’s newsletter, you might receive discounts, and a handful of customers might even win the promo deal of 12 packs of Original formula! Vivazen Vendor selects a lucky winner for this weekly prize, but only the customers on their mailing list get this offer.

There are a few rewards that customers can enjoy on the website, but for each of them, you need to earn points. If you refer a friend, you will get 375 points, signing up to the website wins 75 points, making a purchase wins one point per dollar spent, and if it’s your birthday, you get a $10 coupon! These rewards are pretty exciting and work as great marketing since customers always try to refer friends and avail of the deals online. The bonuses also say that two boxes of shots will cost 999 points, so get three friends ready, and you will win it big.

Made in the USA

This claim from the online shop might confuse many people as Kratom is a Southeast Asia tree, and farmers select and export its leaves from wild forests and plantation sites. When Vivazen Vendor mentions ‘Made in the USA,’ it refers to the process of manufacturing only! The raw material is hand-picked, and only the healthiest leaves make it to the drying process. Unique methods and periods imply the excellent quality of the dried leaves, which are then sent to the manufacturing unit.

Vivazen Vendor processes the leaves with other natural ingredients to formulate the kratom shots that work wonders for users.

Shipping and customer service

Vivazen Vendor offers free shipping on all orders and sends a notification that you will receive the package within three days. The customer service is not as efficient as possible, but that may be because the vendor does not believe that people will have many questions! However, if you reach out to the company through the website, it is customary to reply after days.

Returns and exchanges

When you buy one of the kratom shots, you can return the unopened bottle within 60 days of purchase, and the company will refund. However, if you want to exchange the shots for one of the other formulas, that is possible too! Vivazen Vendor is flexible with your selection!

If you receive a damaged product due to shipping, the company offers damage claims within 48 hours of receiving the order. When refunds or exchanges are made, the shipping is free, which shows the company’s commitment to making your experience the best one!


Vivaz is the best vendor for kratom shots in three varieties. As limited as the product range, the supply and customer base of this online vendor are wide. You can find kratom shots at smoke shops and gas stations near you! The company offers free shipping and rewards on every purchase.

You can enjoy the potent products, but if you need to exchange or return the purchase, Vivazen Vendor accepts returns too. There may not be many reviews online, but if you reach out to customers, they can tell you that Vivazen Vendor is a good choice for all.

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