Do you want to add a little bit of twist and charm to your life? Are you finding it hard to find a potent yet effective kratom strain? From beginners to fanatic kratom users, kratom enthusiasts are always looking forward to exploring and trying new strains of kratom. Some strains do add to their wellbeing, while others may produce a minimal change. What-so-ever the case is folks, I am here to drive you through a notorious, well-balanced, and longer-lasting kratom strain that will notably add to a healthy lifestyle.
The White Borneo Kratom strain is here to serve the best of this world!
Let’s get straight into everything about White Borneo kratom!

What Is White Borneo Kratom?

Borneo Island is one of the dense, far-stretching, and biggest forests in the Southeast Asian region. The White Borneo kratom comes straight from the lush green forests of Borneo Island and is traded to the USA and other countries. You cannot find White Borneo outside the borders of Borneo Island. Hence if you find someone saying White Borneo from the USA, beware because that’s not possible!

How Farmers Produce And Harvest White Borneo Kratom?

You must be curious about knowing how farmers produce and harvest this potent M.Speciosa strain. So here’s a quick breakdown of a step-by-step guide to having a basic understanding!

1) Sowing The Seeds

Firstly, the farmers sow the kratom seeds in richly organic soil. The soil needs to be watered more frequently as compared to other plants because kratom absorbs water quickly and needs more of it for proper growth.

2) Providing Fertilizer And Sunlight

Fertilizers and sunlight further give a boost to the development of White Borneo kratom. Farmers use high-quality fertilizers and make sure that the plant receives enough amount of sunlight during the day.

3) Harvesting White Borneo

When the Borneo kratom leaves turn the vein color from green to white, that signifies the complete development of White Borneo kratom. At this stage, the farmers hand-pick each leave carefully, making sure there are no blotches, bruises, or blemishes. The leaves have to be fresh, juiciest, and healthy, and the farmers do not leave any stone unturned.

4) Cleaning and Drying Session

The collected White Borneo leaves are cleaned with fresh water to keep the dust particles at bay. Afterward, farmers sun-dry the leaves for a limited time so that the alkaloid profile remains preserved.

5) Grinding

With the help of fast-acting grinders, the entire White Borneo leaves collection is ground into a bulk powder. The powder is super soft and free from granules. The white Borneo kratom powder is later packed for selling purposes in airtight pouches and is also used for making extracts, tinctures, and capsules.

The concentration Of Mitragynine Alkaloid In White Borneo Kratom

The White Borneo Kratom consists of an exceptional alkaloid profile. But what makes the alkaloid profile so distinctive? The loaded amount of Mitragynine alkaloid folks! The white veins inside the leaves of White Borneo kratom depict an ample amount of Mitragynine alkaloid, the most essential and potent alkaloid of kratom.

Many manufacturers also isolate Mitragynine alkaloid from White Borneo kratom using complex extraction techniques to form powerful tinctures.

Should A Beginner Use White Borneo Kratom?

White Borneo kratom is a powerful kratom strain, hence a beginner must follow these five simple rules before kicking-start.

1) The beginner must have complete knowledge about kratom stain.

2) It is essential to start slow with 1.5-2grams of White Borneo kratom powder.

3) Many folks mix kratom with other products, which is strictly not recommended. Hence do not mix kratom with any other substance.

4) The White Borneo kratom should be purchased from a reputable kratom vendor who won’t sell low-quality kratom products.

5) Lastly, the beginner must know that kratom absorbs too much water from our system, hence he/she should be well hydrated after taking the dosage.

Note: Always take kratom on a partially filled stomach for the best experience.

White Borneo Kratom Powder Vs. Capsules: What Should You Use?

Are you confused about whether you should buy White Borneo Kratom powder or kratom capsules? Here’s a quick list of pros and cons considering White Borneo kratom powder vs. capsules to help you select the best option for yourself!

White Borneo Kratom Powder



You get more amount of powder as compared to capsules

Initiates effects faster


The dosage needs to be measured

Bitter taste

Needs careful attention with storing and handling

White Borneo Kratom Capsules


Pre-measured dosage in each capsule

Capsule covering masks the bitter taste of kratom

Easy to handle and store



Effects kick-in a bit late due to capsule covering

You get a lesser amount of capsules as compared to the powder

Don’t Forget To Consult Your Health Care Practitioner

When it comes to using kratom, it is extremely important to consult your health care practitioner. Kratom is a beneficial ethnobotanical but it may interact with medications you might be taking for any underlying condition. Your health care expert will guide you rightly, and you won’t have to encounter any undesirable effects.

Final Thoughts

White Borneo kratom is one of the most favorite kratom strains of kratom enthusiasts. From being rich with Mitragynine alkaloid to having a nice, earthy taste, the strain is ideal for both fanatic kratom users and newbies. You can cherish using this strain in both powdered and capsule form, head over and check out the premium White Borneo strain at Kratom Basket. All packed with freshness and endurance to provide you with a killing experience.


1) How To Use White Borneo Kratom?

You can use White Borneo in the form of powder, capsules, extracts, and tinctures. Most enthusiasts toss n’ wash kratom powder, make delicious kratom tea, or add the powder to juices, or smoothies to mask the bitter taste.

2) How Should I Store White Borneo Kratom?

You should store White Borneo kratom in an airtight bag so that moisture and oxygen do not enter inside to take away the freshness and potency. Also, keep it away from sunlight, so make sure your storage area is dry and dark.

3) What Factors Should I Look For While Buying White Borneo Kratom Online?

Make sure your vendor is AKA-GMP certified, sources kratom directly from Southeast Asia, and conducts third-party lab tests to provide all-natural and potent kratom. Moreover, also consider the prices and 30-day money-back guarantee.

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