All kratom strains have names according to the vein color and the location. However, some Mitragyna strains have names that describe the results or how the strain was developed.

Elephant kratom is strong, and has magnanimous effects, hence winning it the title of the elephant! White elephants may be a royal, rare species but White Elephant Kratom is a rare find too and has special effects that make it unique.

What Is White Elephant Kratom?

White Elephant Kratom comes from the white vein leaves of kratom trees that have extra-large leaves, shaped like elephant ears. Since the green part of these leaves is more, the effects are also huge! The large leaves offer a high potency of alkaloids and the special location of this species of kratom adds to the distinct features of the strain.

The Elephant kratom trees are found in the all-natural, rainwater irrigated, and chemical-free forests of Thailand and the Bali Islands. Apart from these two popular locations, this unique strain is found in Borneo, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. Some Elephant kratom trees grow along the rivers in these locations and take water from these water bodies. 

Key Features Of White Elephant Kratom

The impact of White Elephant Kratom is unique and has a lot of benefits. The feature that distinguishes this kratom strain from others is that due to the expanse of the leaves, this kratom variation is high in alkaloid content. This high alkaloid content makes it a strong, and potent variety for those who want an extra punch of energy and stimulation. 

Moreover, the color of this strain in powder form is lighter than other strains. The light green or almost white kratom powder also reveals that this strain has a fresh, mossy aroma that uplifts the spirits. When you brew this strain for tea, the whole area will fill with the rich and fresh smell that stimulates users and makes them feel fresh and awake. 

The taste of White Elephant Kratom is similar to that of other strains. Kratom is a bitter botanical and many people try to add sweeteners and flavors to reduce the bitter taste. 

Alkaloids In White Elephant Kratom

The alkaloid content of each strain is different due to the varying atmospheric and climatic conditions. Moreover, the vein color of the leaf also plays a crucial role in the alkaloid content. White vein kratom strains are stronger than green and red strains and also have a slight euphoric effect, making them an ideal choice for people who want to soothe their minds and escape from everyday stresses. This euphoria is the effect of the alkaloid 7-Hydroxy Mitragynine. However, White Elephant Kratom has a higher amount of 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine, making it euphoric but it also has a high content of the alkaloid Mitragynine which makes kratom a stimulating and energizing herbal substance. 

Effects Of White Elephant Kratom

Like other white vein kratom strains, White Elephant kratom offers the following effects to users;

• Calming And Soothing

As we mentioned earlier, the alkaloids in white kratom make it euphoric, and it offers users an escape from the stresses of daily life. Anxiety and depression have become more common due to fast-paced lifestyles and White Elephant Kratom has the ability to calm and soothe body and mind.

• Energizing And Stimulating

The stimulation from the alkaloid Mitragynine is high in White Elephant Kratom as it offers a high amount of alkaloids in each dose. The most sought-after effect of this botanical is that it gives a boost of energy, which leads to many other benefits such as motivation, improved focus, and more confidence. Sociable behavior and a pleasant outlook towards life also become a habit for people who have better energy levels. 

Dosage Of White Elephant Kratom

Every strain has a specific dosage due to the alkaloids and how they can be over-used if the right dosage is not followed. Every user must use a minimum amount of this variant when they begin using it. This minimum dose can be around one gram for the first few days. Gradually, users can increase their consumption to five grams per day, but not more than that. 

All herbal products work in a way that a low daily consumption brings about big changes as the key to success lies in consistency. With White Elephant Kratom also, a small dose on a regular basis is what will bring a change!

Best Places To Buy White Elephant Kratom

There are hundreds of kratom online stores and even local vendors in some areas that provide kratom products. As Mitragyna effects depend on the freshness of the botanical, it is essential that you check if the product is fresh or not. Reliable vendors and online shops print batch numbers on every jar and bag so that users know when the specific item was manufactured. If the product is too old, it can be stale, contaminated, and inactive. 

Quality online shops give details of their source of Mitragyna, production date, laboratory test results, and GMP compliant packaging to ensure freshness. Moreover, customer reviews play an integral part in spotting the best online store for White Elephant kratom! 


White Elephant Kratom is a unique strain from the white vein leaves of Elephant kratom trees. This distinct kratom tree has big leaves, shaped like elephant ears. The extra leaf area gives the strain a high alkaloid content and makes it one of the strongest and stimulating strains! 

There are numerous distinguishing features of this strain and you can identify authentic White Elephant Kratom easily. Moreover, the various online shops will provide transparency into their processing and sourcing details. You must ensure that you buy this strain from one of these reliable shops. 

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