White Rabbit Kratom may sound like an Easter edition of the latest online vendor for kratom, but the real reason for its popularity is the quality, and variety of strains. We will take you step by step to show how this online shop is worth trying.

We all are looking for Mitragyna strains that offer amazing stimulation, but should you buy them from White Rabbit Kratom? Let’s dive in and see how a new shop is creating waves of popularity for reasons other than its name!

The name of the shop

When a magician pulls a trick like pulling out a rabbit from a hat, the audience always enjoys it. This online shop also creates a similarly pleasant surprise for kratom enthusiasts and therefore, the name seems apt. While some new shops focus on false claims and then add synthetic compounds to their products to prove them right, White Rabbit focuses on quality and an effective result so that users get the best of nature and enjoy it for a long time. This vendor may have decided on the name as a marketing strategy, and since we are discussing it, I think it worked!

About the team

The online shop was formed in 2012 and has a website that takes you to another site for Live Well Kratom, which is a subsidiary of White Rabbit Kratom. You can buy from the potent, impactful, and unique products without a doubt as the website is as authentic as the source of Mitragyna.

While some vendors find this a little confusing, we understood that this was only to lead the customers interested in White Rabbit to visit the shop where all strains from this vendor are stocked! The team does not take the center stage and perhaps that speaks about the quality of the products! There are quite a few popular products from White Rabbit, and we will give you an insight into them all.

The best products

White Rabbit surely keeps product quality a priority as there are a few items that have become favorites among Mitragyna users. With various innovative products, the online shop offers Maeng Da and Thai kratom strains. You can buy these products online but they are also available at smoke shops, head shops, and weed shops near you. Some of the White Rabbit Kratom that you can find on the virtual shelves and at shops are as follows:

• White Rabbit Superior Maeng Da

This strain has created some waves among users who wonder about this strain being superior to the other Maeng Da products available in the market. White Rabbit Maeng Da is available in colorful packs as powder or capsules and promises stimulation like no other Maeng Da product.

Just like a white rabbit swiftly makes it to the finish line, this product will act quickly but changes the moral of the story as it stays there for a long time to enjoy the victory! What I mean to say is that this product acts quickly and allows the effects to stay for a long time too.

Maeng Da is a common strain and all users use the green vein variation of this strain since they tried out kratom for the first time. White Rabbit Superior Maeng Da does not specify the color of the leaf vein but is presented as a kratom option that will invigorate the senses, and give you the effects of red, green, and white vein strains.

• XL Kratom 

The super-sized capsules are definitely a first in the market! Maeng Da is in a higher quantity for people who want an extra boost of energy and stimulation, these capsules are made with Non-GMO ingredients and are suitable for vegans. Moreover, the content of this capsule is 100% natural and organic Maeng Da kratom powder.

The White Rabbit Kratom sources all kratom from authentic and all-natural kratom forests in the Southeast Asian countries as the quality of the products shows amazing effects. Users rave about the effects of XL kratom capsules and claim that they would use them regularly to enjoy an energizing, refreshing and stimulating experience.

The 1000mg kratom capsules are more than enough to take you through a day with good motivation levels and a positive outlook towards life.

There are numerous other products that you would like to try!

Price of products

White Rabbit Kratom is one of the economical options for consumers as it offers highly potent and natural products at very reasonable prices. You can buy five XL capsules for $10.50, and 25 capsules will cost you $35.00.

Yes, it may not be the cheapest option as some online shops offer lower rates but when you divide the cost over the period of consumption, the daily cost reduces significantly and makes all the products reasonable. One-time cost does not depict the real cost as the package of all products will last you more than a month.

Raving Customer Reviews

The customers of this brand have a lot of confidence in all the products because of their efficacy and great results. Many people say that this brand changes their opinion about kratom as they used to be scared before but now rely on this brand for energy and stimulation.

Customers’ continuous support for the brand is evident by the addition of new products such as the 7gram Herbal Smoke, which is a level above the usual products from other vendors. These products are loved and the growing customer base keeps this brand alive despite the average website and shuffling of sites before you can see all the products and buy them!


The website of White Rabbit Kratom is very different from others as users have to go from one link to another but despite this small complication, the brand is popular and loved! There are numerous Thai and Maeng Da kratom products available and the innovation of bigger capsules and Herbal Smoke add to the uniqueness of this strain. You can try the products that are reasonably priced, but some people may argue that they have bought from cheaper sources.

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