A white Thai kratom is an immature form that has distinct white-veined leaves. Hence, it is also called white vein Thai. Reddit users’ reviews claim that their mental alertness increases and, they feel sharper after taking white kratom. Its effect is light and stimulating and, the person does not experience any crash in energy, unlike after ingesting caffeine. 

Initially, farmers cultivated it in Thailand but, since the Thai government briefly outlawed its export, farmers started planting it in Indonesia. Out of all the other subtypes of white vein kratom, this is the most potent form. However, people must begin with a low dose to prevent any adverse reaction at the start.

Chemical Composition

The white Thai kratom contains many phytochemicals which are isolated from various parts of the kratom tree. They include over 40 structurally similar alkaloids. However, two of these alkaloids are most distinct because they are present in significantly high concentrations compared to the rest. They are the two principal chemicals, Mitragynine and 5-Hydroxy Mitragynine, present in the leaves. These naturally occurring chemicals bind to soporific receptors in the body to influence the brain and nervous system.


It is an indole-based alkaloid. It constitutes only one percent of the leaves when they are dried. Extract from the leaves of White Thai kratom has 66 percent mitragynine, while leaves from Malaysia have only 12 percent mitragynine.

5-Hydroxy Mitragynine

Mitragynine derivative – a terpenoid indole alkaloid that makes up 2 percent of the total alkaloid content. It contributes immensely to the analgesic property of white Thai kratom.

Growth Of White Thai Kratom

Farmers cultivate white Thai kratom after a lot of care and consideration to make sure the plant thrives.


Southeast Asia is the cradle of White Thai kratom, where it grows exceptionally well because of the hot and humid weather. Hence, the best time to plant the seeds is when the weather is warm. However, the location should be sheltered from direct and intense sunlight to prevent the soil from drying especially, during germination.

There should also be some wind in the area. If direct sunlight is not present, farmers use artificial light because white Thai kratom does not always need sunlight to survive. If there is a blockage of natural wind, farmers use fans to provide a consistent breeze.


Farmers must thoroughly prepare the soil before planting the seeds. The pH should be between 5.5 and 6.5 with a high concentration of humus to ensure fertility. The soil should also be able to absorb and retain moisture. Too much dampness in the soil also negatively impacts the growth of white Thai kratom by boosting the development of fungus and insects.

Viability of seeds

The viability of white Thai kratom seeds decreases the longer they are left idle. Farmers should inquire about the seeds before buying them because seeds older than two weeks fail to germinate. Five to ten seeds are planted at one time, covered with soil, and watered frequently to ensure germination.

How Much Time And Money Is Needed To Plant White Thai Kratom?

 Growingwhite Thai kratom is expensive and time-consuming. A lot of money is required to pay for the fertilizers and seeds. Similarly, taking care of the plant during the growth period also requires time and energy but, the trouble is worth the possible benefits of this Mitaygna Speciosa. 

Harvesting and Processing of white Thai kratom 

Farmers harvest the leaves as soon as possible to ensure the efficacy of the phytochemicals in the leaves. With time, the alkaloid content of the leaves can decrease. The farmers keep the leaves in sunlight for a long time to augment the effect of alkaloids and make them more concentrated.

The leaves are finely crushed in industries to form a smooth and refined powder. People make kratom products of varying potency from white Thai, depending on the duration of drying in the sun.

Extracts of white Thai kratom are more expensive compared to the powder because of additional Processing. The manufacturers boil the leaves in a solvent for a long time which makes the alkaloids seep out. Hence, it forms a concentrated solution with many benefits.

How Long Does It Take For The White Thai Kratom To Sprout?

This plant can acquire a height of 20 feet in 2 years, provided the ideal conditions are maintained. Once the plant has blossomed, the perfect time to pick the leaves is in the fall, when the alkaloids in the leaves are most potent. After this, the leaves fall naturally.

What Is The Appropriate Dosage For White Thai Kratom?

The dosage of white Thai kratom varies from one person to another depending on the tolerance level of each person and the desired effect. 

White Thai is particularly potent, so be careful with how much you consume to prevent any adverse effects. Whenever a person is trying out a new supplement or a new strain of kratom, it is always vital, to begin with, a small dose to prime the body. For a mild effect on the body, take only one gram. About two grams is sufficient for a medium dose. However, for a strong effect, take three grams.

It is necessary to start with a minute dosage to prevent the body from becoming dependent on high doses, which can cause toxicity.

What Are The Ways To Consume White Thai Kratom?

People should use white Thai kratom and other such products in conjunction with other food items to mask the unpleasant taste of the pure botanical. These include the following.


People can add white Thai kratom to hot water to make a piping cup of tea which they can have during chilly mornings or at night. Flavoring can be added to the tea to improve the taste further.

Baked goods

People can also add white Thai kratom products to cookies and other baked goods to cover the bitter taste and enjoy it in the form of a sweet treat. Often, it is hard to consume an extract orally as it is because of how concentrated it is.

Gummies and chews

This is perhaps the most notable advancement in the kratom industry. Now, users have access to easy-to-consume capsules and gummies of fixed dosage. They can buy these and take them regularly. In this way, they don’t have to go through the hassle of using the powder or extract.

What Is The Best Time To Take White Thai Kratom?

The best time to take white Thai kratom and to receive maximum benefit from it is on an empty stomach. It includes first thing in the morning after waking up, two to three hours before a meal, or three to four hours after your last meal. Although all users react to white Thai Kratom differently, the herb will usually start working within 30 minutes of consumption and, the effect will last 5 to 7 hours. 

Similarly, if people take it on a full stomach, it will take at least an hour and a half for the effects to show. However, beginners should not try white Thai kratom on an empty stomach. They must consume a small quantity of food before. That’s because their body is not well adjusted to the substance and might lead to unwanted side effects.

Similar Strains 

White Thai kratom stimulates the user and energizes the mind, enabling the person to focus on the task at hand. However, it may not work for everyone since it is potent. Thus, people can try out the following similar strains. 

As per Reddit users’ reviews, each strain comes with the unique effects discussed below. 

· Green Thai Kratom

It is slightly more relaxing. Although people use it to enhance focus, it does a better job of relaxing the user.

· White Borneo Kratom

It is very similar to White Thai since it greatly relaxes and soothes the user. But it is not stimulating to the senses.

· White Meng Da Kratom

It has a tremendous ability to boost mental focus and the ability to concentrate. Perhaps the most noticeable effect is on mental concentration.

Where To Buy The Best Quality Kratom?

Since kratom is known to have positive and therapeutic effects when used appropriately, people must buy the best quality available. It must be free from all adulterations so that people get maximum benefits. The following are considered the most reliable kratom vendors.

SA Kratom

Their customer service is active round the clock. The staff is thoroughly informed about each of the products they sell and are cordial towards all clients. They make sure to answer all queries put forward by the clients. Also, they guarantee money back within thirty days if a client is unhappy with his purchase. They also allow customers to use different modes of payment and, all of those are foolproof and secure.

Kratom Basket

They believe in providing quality customer service, guaranteeing fairness in trade, and ethically sourcing their Premium kratom products. Likewise, they make sure the products they sell are authentic by testing each product independently. You’ll get delivery on an urgent basis on orders of fifty dollars or more.

Golden Monk

It is affiliated with the American Kratom Association and is exclusively present online. It deals in various strains and provides a diverse selection of Mitragyna Speciosa products as powders and capsules. Golden Monk imports all their products from Indonesia and tests each of them independently. They also offer a loyalty program to the clients through which clients can gather points on each purchase which they can later use.


What is Thai Kratom?

Locally known as “Thom” or “keetum,” the Thai kratom is an evergreen tropical plant that people widely grow in southeast Asia. It is an extension of the coffee family, scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa. People extensively cultivate it in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea – although it is most abundant in Thailand. 

How many types of Thai Kratom are there?

There are three main types of Thai kratom. Each of these is further divided into several branches with their origin respectively indicated by their names.

What does white Thai kratom taste like?

It has a bitter taste like most other strains of kratom. Hence, it is better to consume the product in a way to offset the taste. For many people consuming tree leaf powder is not a pleasant experience. And, users often describe the uncanny taste as grass-like, earthy, and herbal.

Are online vendors reliable?

These days people make most of their purchases online. After some research, you can locate vendors serving good quality products which are ethically sourced and independently tested. Also, you can always question these vendors further on their social platform if you have any queries before buying. You can also check if they are affiliated with prominent companies such as the American kratom association, as this is further proof of their authenticity and quality.

Is kratom legal in Thailand?

The government of Thailand removed Mitragyna Speciosa from the category 5 of narcotics and made it fully legal because of the increase in its demand.

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