The White Vietnam Kratom is the rarest and most potent of all the Kratom strains. Due to its low supply and miraculous effects, this strain is in very high demand. But why is the White Vietnam Kratom so famous these days? Without any further delays, let’s examine this wonder-herb in complete depth.

What is the White Vietnam Kratom?

The Vietnam Kratom is a globally recognized plant for its medicinal properties and therapeutic effects. It is known for showcasing a wide range of properties in various strains. The White Vietnam Kratom is a strain of the generic Vietnam Kratom. It is known for its adequate strength and potency compared to other strains.

It is commonly found on the banks of the Mekong River in Indonesia. Due to its relatively scarce quantities and low supply, the pure strain is hard to find. According to NCBA research, this herb is primarily known for its stimulating and relaxing properties, making it one of today’s most valuable herbs.

Growth and Production of White Vietnam Kratom

The White Vietnam Kratom undergoes a fascinating journey before entering its final form as a powder or capsule. The Kratom trees are grown in the mineral-rich soil of the Mekong River bank, which the River itself irrigates. Farmers have started developing the White Vietnam Kratom in farms to meet the ever-increasing demand for this miraculous herb.

An effective canal system irrigates these trees. The tree leaves are only collected when they have reached the desired level of maturity. Their appearance can check this as mature leaves of the White Vietnam Kratom have white stems and veins on them.

Next, the tree leaves are packed in an air-conditioned room to be dried. This process is carried out in the absence of sunlight. After this, the pure powder form of the White Vietnam Kratom is extracted from the leaves by using heavy rollers to crush them. Experts carry out all these technical tasks. This ensures that the final product is pure and free from any contaminants. Depending on the need, the tea leaf powder may be sold as a powder or encapsulated and sold as pills.

Critical Components of the White Vietnam Kratom

The White Vietnam Kratom contains up to 40 alkaloids. These alkaloids are alkaline organic compounds that make up most of the psychoactive chemicals in Kratom. However, the two most abundant alkaloids in the White Vietnam Kratom are Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy Mitragynine.


The most active compound in the White Vietnam Kratom, Mitragynine, is mainly responsible for providing the soothing effect associated with Kratom. Mitragynine makes up only 1.5 % of the Kratom composition. It sounds like a tiny percentage, right? But, Mitragynine certainly makes its presence felt due to its potency. It is now commonly being used as an ache reliever and relaxant.

7-Hydroxy Mitragynine:

It is the second most active ingredient in the famous White Vietnam Kratom. It was first discovered in 1994 and is being used as a stimulant. 7-Hydroxy Mitragynine is also an alkaloid and acts in tandem with Mitragynine. These two main compounds give the White Vietnam Kratom the popularity it is now enjoying as a botanical.

Forms of Consuming the White Vietnam Kratom


The White Vietnam Kratom is widely available in the form of capsules. These capsules are gelatinous and come in very portable containers. It is an easy way to consume Kratom as the quantity of the herb per capsule is pre-measured. These capsules may be swallowed with or without water.

Kratom Tea

Tea is another popular method of consuming Kratom. The tea leaf powder may be added to water, hot or cold. Don’t want to spoil the winter evenings with the bitter taste? No problem! Add sugar or honey according to your liking and enjoy. The tea tastes sweet and can be enjoyed by all. 


A relatively newer method of consuming Kratom. Using gummies is a fun and tasty way of getting your Mitragyna Speciosa dosage. We all forget to take our medicine. But do we forget any available candy? Well, now you can enjoy these health-giving sweets and feel no remorse!


The powder is arguably the most commonly available form of Kratom. Powdered Kratom comes in pre-packaged containers of variable sizes. These packages also contain a standard-serving scoop which can be used to add the powder to water and then consumed. It may be advisable to add any sweeteners of your choice to the brew so that you can mask the bitter taste.


The White Vietnam Kratom is also available in tinctures, extracts, and dried Kratom leaves. The extract version may be mixed with water and consumed. The leaves are usually chewed to get the required effects.

The extracts are primarily stored in alcohol or any other solvent for preservation. These solvents may get an orange hue to them over time. But don’t worry. The leaves will not lose any of their components. Although this is a viable option for consuming Premium Kratom, the taste can be pretty unpleasant. Adding a suitable quantity to your food is recommended.

Appropriate Dosage

The White Vietnam Kratom can provide slightly different results based on the dosage in which it is consumed. The impact of this strain of Kratom is quite potent. Therefore, there are different dosages for users:

Where Can I Buy Pure White Vietnam Kratom?

Certain suppliers deal in pure Kratom strains. Be ultimately at ease about the authenticity of the product and check out the following suppliers:

Smoke Shops

These are local shops that deal in many commonly available pharmaceuticals. Although not designed to serve an entire community, you can always visit your local stores and ask for your required strain. These stores generally lack encapsulated and powdered versions. However, extracts might still be available. The only problem is that some of these vendors might not have authentic products, so you must always be careful!

Gas Stations

A convenient and cheap option but not the best route to follow. These stores may have the White Vietnam Kratom, but the chances are pretty low. Moreover, the quality of the product can be questionable—a viable option nevertheless, but not one to entirely rely on. 

Online Vendors

An easy and affordable option is to contact online vendors. Not only are you guaranteed to find whatever strain of the Vietnam Kratom you are looking for, but the prices are also very reasonable. Vendors like SA Kratom, Kratom Basket, and Golden Monk take pride in providing 100 % customer satisfaction, and all of their products are lab tested. Not only that, they offer a most helpful team of personnel who are ever-present to answer questions and clear any dissatisfaction on the customers’ part.

They ship to a wide range of countries and offer many payment options.

Designated Pharmacies

Another best option for purchasing White Vietnam Kratom, pharmacies almost always guarantee original products and experienced salespeople. Having a wide range of medicinal drugs, you can always visit and examine the effects personally before buying them. Not only would that ensure that you believe what is suited for you, but the physical interaction with the vendors leads to a more efficient discussion regarding what you are looking for. Visit any local pharmacy near you, and you are bound to find the White Vietnam Kratom.

Final Thoughts

The White Vietnam Kratom is a herb that is unique in its characteristics. You can purchase this from your local Kratom vendor and consume it. It has received excellent feedback from users and can become more popular shortly. Proper dosage is advised.


That would depend entirely on whether you are a new or experienced user. Most experts recommend a 0.5 gram serving for a new user and a 3 gram serving for an experienced user.

You should always ensure that the product does not have any broken seals in the packaging. Moreover, we recommend you approach the Kratom vendors mentioned above for the best quality product to guarantee authenticity.

In all probability, yes. Most experts agree on a 5 gram limit for White Kratom consumption due to the potency of this specific strain of the Vietnam Kratom. As the white strain is known for its high impact, we strongly suggest not exceeding the maximum dosage.

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