Every other review you read will tell you that you found the best online shop for Kratom. However, how many of those reviews are based on experience? Our team tried the various products from leading kratom online stores, and we share our experiences with you.

Whole Herbs Kratom is a manufacturer of quality kratom products, and when you see the clean, meticulous production process, you know that it is one of the best for a reason. Expert teams at the plant use fresh kratom leaves from Southeast Asia to create exciting products.

One of the biggest manufacturers for kratom products, Whole Herbs Kratom, provides stock to hundreds of vendors all over the country. The potency and freshness of the products are undoubted for various reasons, and we have reviewed them all here!

The product line

Whole Herbs kratom has a wide variety of kratom strains in capsule and powder form. The most popular types include Bali, Maeng Da, and Indo kratom in red, white, and green vein variations. You might think these strains are available everywhere, but here’s the twist, Whole Herbs Kratom does not use fillers or added ingredients. When you buy Red Bali kratom capsules, it is 100% pure Mitragyna powder is Non-GMO, vegan capsules!

The red, green, and white vein strains are produced alongside blends of the same color strains. For example, you will find a green vein blend or a red vein blend to enhance your experience. However, the packaging does not reveal the proportion of all the ingredients that may discomfort some consumers.

Price and payment methods

For any commodity you buy, the top-two features are quality and price. Whole Herbs kratom provides premium quality but is the price worth it? Absolutely! The manufacturer ensures that the best form of Mitragyna is easily accessible for all to work on their health without reducing their wealth!

The 3.5oz packaging for kratom powder costs $17.95, and the two-kilogram packing will be $262.95. There may be some vendors that sell at a lower rate, but the purity and authenticity of Whole Herbs Kratom are known to all, and therefore, paying a few extra bucks does not hurt regular customers.

The payment methods for Whole Herbs products are diverse and cater to a broad customer base. You can use CashApp, Zelle, or bank credit or debit cards.

Laboratory testing and other qualifiers

For any online shop for Kratom or manufacturer, the laboratory testing phase is most crucial. Whole Herbs Kratom tests all products for heavy metals, contaminants, and the number of alkaloids.

The fresh leaves are checked before usage, and then the final products are tested in the laboratory to ensure that the products are safe and suitable for use. However, the results of these tests are not shared on the website for everyone to follow and decide which kratom strain to try first.

Does whole Herbs kratom have a website?

Whole Herbs Kratom is not an online vendor, but you can find the products on the manufacturer’s website. Many users find it hard to use, but the reality is that you can follow easy steps to book an order! The website becomes your friend once you explore the products and start adding them to the cart.

Shipping and returns

As we said, once you start adding items to your card, the website opens up to you! Shipping and return policies are not on the homepage of the Whole Herbs Kratom website, but if you start shopping, the information pops up.

The manufacturer uses USPS service for all orders and ships them out the same day payment is received. If you want a quicker delivery, you can pay extra and apply for USPS Express service. Many users find it easier to wait for three days for delivery, but if you find it harder, get the fast delivery of your order within one day!

Returns and exchanges may take longer through the website, and you can call or email the manufacturer to request returns or exchange the strain you bought.

Become a distributor and join the network

Whole Herbs Kratom invites everyone to become a part of the network and become a distributor to expand their network further. However, our team did not try out this feature, so we cannot say a lot about the business opportunity for all of you. Since Whole Herbs kratom is a manufacturing unit, it relies on distributors and go-betweens to reach as many consumers as possible.

Social media and customer service 

The social media presence of any kratom vendor or manufacturer shows its business ethics. How? The comments and feedback on social media cannot be controlled as users from all over the country can comment, and their words are visible to all! Whole Herbs has little activity on the social media forums, but there is no negative feedback!

Customer service from Whole Herbs is average and nothing to rave about here! However, that is probably because there is little or no need for consumers to call up or ask anything as all the products are premium quality and offer excellent results!

Overall rating

Whole Herbs Kratom is 100% organic and all-natural strains, making it one of the top manufacturers in the United States. The Non-GM capsules integrate consumers’ faith, and they prefer the products from this source. The costs are low, and there are numerous payment methods, so you will not face problems paying for your orders.

The shipping options are also according to people’s needs and requirements. All in all, Whole Herbs Kratom is an excellent choice for people who want the best quality of herbal products.

While some of you may find the product range to be less, the quality will bind you to this source for a stimulating experience every time.

The only things that the manufacturer may improve are the customer service activity and social media presence. Another factor in improving can be the website that does not reveal many things until you add the items to your cart.

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