Wicked Kratom, a North Carolina kratom vendor, has been in the industry, serving its clients with the most authentic all-natural herb products since 2016. A few years back, the company rebranded itself and changed some of its policies, giving it the quality of being much more reliable and trustworthy for the customers. 

The fact that the company has a wide range of products sets it apart from others. It deals in an extensive product line, serving its customer with various forms of Kratom and different strains.

What Strains Does This Company Offer?

This company offers numerous strains, which is why the product line is so vast and enormous. The management makes sure to look for the best strains grown in the most fertile lands. Once they are sourced from the place of origin, the chances of their adulteration reduce to a minimum.

Some of the most famous and sought-after strains that this company offers include:

  1. Red strain
  2. Yellow strain
  3. Green strain
  4. White strain

What Products Does Wicked Kratom Sell?

Also known as the Wicked Tea Company, the different strains of teas offered by the company are famous worldwide. Every strain provides a different kind of benefit to the user. 

The tea strains are obtained from the production sites directly; hence the chances of adulteration are reduced to zero! As the company’s primary aim is to help the customers find the best herbal remedies for their health problems, their products can be trusted with closed eyes. 

From the Kratom teas, capsules, and powders to the essential oils, this brand offers every possible herbal solution to the users. The natural supplements of Wicked Kratom are highly reliable for moving towards a healthy lifestyle.

Wicked Kratom sells many products, while Kratom is a significant part. The company’s unique selling point is its extensive product line, which ensures that the customers can get their hands on the exact product they want. 

Proprietary Blends Is The Unique Selling Point 

The company also offers something that other Kratom suppliers don’t! It provides Proprietary blends to the users, which are a mix of different Kratom powders. For instance, the Yellow Brick Road product is a mixture of Yellow Vietnam and Green Maeng Da. These two powders are blended in the perfect volume, and the result eventually offers the benefits of both strains.

Similarly, the Chocolate Borneo, arguably the most sought-after product of Wicket Kratom, offers the most distinct flavor to its users. It might be a little bitter, but it is filled with many unique properties and characteristics. As the harvesters dry it in the sunlight and then place it in a bag to cure, the color changes, and the taste develops. 

Forms of Kratom Sold 

Everything is available online and in-store, from capsules to powders and teas to tinctures. 

CapsulesFor consumers who can’t deal with the bitterness of the powder and the sharpness of the tea, the capsule form is the best bet to make. The company offers these capsules in various strains, each made of different alkaloids. You can consume it simply by gulping it down with some water.


The powdered form of Kratom is also quite popular amongst consumers. Though it tastes bitter and earthy, you can consume it in various combinations. The proprietary blends that this company offers are the most sold-out items. 


There is nothing more pleasurable during the winter season than consuming a steaming cup of tea. All you need to do is use the tea powder and simmer them in hot water. The result would be incredibly delicious and satisfying. 


If the bitter taste of the Kratom capsules, powder, and tea is something you can’t take well, get your hands on some Kratom gummies. Gummies are made of different strains and combinations and offer unique characteristics. 


The cost of the Wicked Kratom items is a bit higher compared to the prices offered by other companies. Ten grams priced $9.95. Hence, consumers don’t find it reasonable to buy Kratom in bulk quantities. 

However, each product it offers is highly pure and authentic, making it suitable for small and limited orders. Alongside this, the prices of the products are contingent upon the package size and the kind of strain one orders. The best deal Wicked Kratom has to offer is in kilo. 1kg cost $160, for a good amount of savings of $60.

The varied pricing strategy ensures that you order different strains in whichever amount or quantity you find reasonable. Hence, it gives you the liberty to consume numerous kinds of strains without upsetting your budget.

Accepted Payment Options 

Paying for the products you buy from Wicked Kratom is relatively easy. There are numerous options available, and you can choose whatever suits you the best. 

The acceptable methods of payment include payment via card and cash on delivery. Whichever form do you choose, it would be highly safe and reliable.

Laboratory Test Results 

Laboratory tests are one of the most crucial factors for running a successful Mitragyna business. These third-party labs can check the semi-processed product for any possible contaminants. You may be wondering why this brand doesn’t have lab test reports available on their site and is Wicked Kratom legit?

  The business claims to have a rigorous quality control procedure and high standards; at least, that’s what it appears to be from the outside, given their eye-catching branding. But are you willing to accept their word for it? You need to check their site for customer reviews and other details. 

How Is The Customer Service Of Wicked Kratom?

The customer service offered by Wicked Kratom is extremely fast and reliable. The company ensures that the customer receives its package after forty-eight hours of placing the order. Ever since Wicked Kratoms has come up with a rebranding, it has started paying much attention to the safety and swiftness of the package delivery.

However, this quick delivery is possible if you make the order through the standard shipping procedure. If you opt for the USPS shipping method, which is a lot cheaper, you will have to wait for a bit longer before you can get your product.

Does The Company Offer A Return Policy?

No, the company doesn’t offer its consumers a return policy which means that once you have received the package, you can’t return it. Hence, it’s always recommended to place the order after thorough contemplation. 



Final Thoughts

Wicked Kratom vendor is known to provide an extensive product line to its consumers. Strains of all kinds are available in various forms and manners. The authenticity of its products and quick delivery are also reasons you should choose this company to get your supply of all-natural herbs.

The varied price categories and product quantities make ordering the Kratom products easier. The customer service is highly responsive, and all your queries are answered on time.


Yes, every product that this company offers to its consumers is top-notch. These strains of Premium Kratom are sourced from the origin, ensuring that the consumers get the most authentic and genuine products.

Ordering the Kratom product from Wicked Kratoms is relatively easy. All you need to do is navigate through the company’s official website and check out the prices for each product. Once you decide what you need to buy, place the products in the cart and confirm the order. Apart from this, you can also call the customer service representative to place the order in person.

Yes, wicked kratoms deliver the package within two to four days of the order placed.

Indeed, it’s best to buy Kratom online with a coupon code, but Wicked Kratom doesn’t have any active special regulations.

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