Mitragyna Speciosa commonly known as Kratom is found in the hot and humid lush forests of Southeast Asian countries mainly Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea. Kratom has been used for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes in this region and is now being used in the West as well.

Kratom has mainly three strain colors: red, white, and green with varying alkaloids concentrations.

Maeng Da Kratom is one of the popular strains of the Kratom plant created by grafting together two powerful Kratom strains resulting in a strain with extremely potent alkaloid concentration. It has its own sub-strains originating from different areas of Southeast Asia. 

This article will however shed light only on Yellow Maeng Da Kratom – a new substrain of Maeng Da Kratom taking over the Kratom world. We will discuss its origin, cultivation and production techniques, the concentration of active substances, uses, and effectiveness.

What Is Yellow Maeng Da Kratom?

Yellow Maeng Da Kratom is a relatively unique strain of Kratom in the market besides its three main strains, which in such a short period of time has succeeded in becoming popular among Kratom enthusiasts due to its excellent qualities.

Now the question that you may have is “From where has this yellow strain come?”

The answer is quite simple. When it comes to creating amazingly potent strains of Kratom, sunlight comes in handy and proves to be a gamechanger. Exposing Kratom leaves to sunlight plays a vital role in giving certain properties and colors to them which determine their properties and effectiveness. So, this Yellow strain is basically created by blending green and white maeng da kratom strains which are dried and cured outdoors to change them into Yellow strain.

Yellow Maeng Da Kratom

Where Is Yellow Maeng Da Kratom Found?

There is no scientific explanation for its origin. Different theories on the internet trying to explain how this specific Kratom strain grows and how it is produced. One thing that we are certain of is that it is derived from Kratom trees which are in abundance in Southeast Asia.

Creation Of Yellow Maeng Da Kratom

This strain does not grow on trees naturally, rather it is made by mixing two powerful strains harvested from Mitragyna Speciosa trees that grow in hot and humid climates of Kratom-producing countries.

The Process Of Creating Yellow Maeng Da Kratom

Yellow Maeng Da Kratom is brought to life by following specialized farming practices.

Two different methods that can be employed to change any strain into Yellow Maeng Da Kratom are

The leaves undergo this specialized drying process which plays an instrumental role in transforming leaves colors into Yellow. It also changes the chemical composition of active substances present in them making it an even more effective and potent herb. This specialized drying process is somewhat different from the technique used to dry other strains of Kratom.  

Besides the drying process underneath the sun, the leaves are also fermented indoors under strict control and observation of growers until the desired trademark color is achieved.

During fermentation the concentration of alkaloids in the leaves, aroma, flavor, and color change 

Usually, during fermentation, leaves are stacked on top of each other with warm air and moisture which produce heat which in turn releases ammonia responsible for the change in the chemical composition of the leaves.

Doing this process indoors is far better than doing this outdoors because the alkaloids present in the leaf are susceptible to damage caused by external environment agents such as sun and precipitation. The leaves need to be rotated throughout this process which takes up to 10 days. If this process is not done carefully it will end up degrading the leaves making them redundant.

How Else Can Yellow Maeng Da Kratom Be Produced?

It was nearly impossible in the past to imagine creating Yellow Maeng Da Kratom outside Southeast Asia. But thanks to advanced technology and skillful farmers, it is now possible to mimic ideal conditions anywhere in the world that are needed for this strain’s creation.

Yellow Maeng Da can also be produced from any available strain apart from white and green vein Maeng Da Kratom strains through using the specialized drying process.

Ways To Consume Yellow Maeng Da

This variant comes in many forms and can be consumed in several ways depending on the user’s preference: dried and ground leaves, capsules, powders, and extracts.

Perfect Amount Of Dosage

Yellow Maeng Da Kratom

Is Yellow Maeng Da Kratom Safe To Use?

There are no clinical trials or research into its effectiveness. The information available on the internet is basically a compilation of users’ experiences so you are advised to take them with a pinch of salt. It is reported to have mild, stable, and long-lasting effects better than regular Kratom strains, which makes it a good option for users new to the Kratom world.

A Piece of Advice

Before beginning to consume this powerful strain of Kratom, it would be in your best interest to check with your health care professional if you have any underlying health conditions. Consuming such a potent strain if you’re suffering from any conditions can prove to be dangerous especially if the chemicals interfere with your metabolism and make you prone to further illnesses.

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