As you scroll the online shops for kratom, a new entry is the yellowish, brown kratom variety that hails from Vietnam. The Yellow Vietnam kratom strain is new and is in the limelight these days. What makes this strain different is the color, taste, aroma, and also location! While we all know that kratom comes from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the surrounding islands; Vietnamese plains and highlands also contribute to this plantation!

When we try any new kratom strain we make sure to include you in our experience. Today let’s try and get to know this Vietnam kratom strain a little better.

All of us know that there are three variants of kratom according to the vein color red, green, and white. Yellow kratom is creating waves among kratom users all over the country but what is this new strain? Is it a new vein color? Or is it some marketing antic?

Yellow Vietnam Kratom grows in the forests of Vietnam and has a unique color due to its location. The Mekong River irrigates the plantation and the fertile soil of the delta and mountainous areas where kratom grows impacts the distinct properties of this strain. Moreover, the yellow tinge is also due to the drying period for the kratom leaves. If you are still curious about this strain, here’s more!

What Is Yellow Vein Kratom?

Yellow vein kratom gets its color from the drying procedure and other climatic conditions such as irrigation water, soil density, and content. The usual drying process for kratom is that ripe leaves are spread out in a shaded area. A light cotton sheet covers the leaves to keep them free from dust, insects, and other contaminants.

Once the leaves are dried, they are transported to manufacturing units. However, yellow kratom is dried for a longer period to mature the alkaloids in the plant. These alkaloids are the driving force that brings about stimulation and energy.

Is Yellow Vietnam Kratom Safe For Me?

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is a potent strain that energizes and refreshes your senses. If you want to feel focused and motivated it is a great strain for you! When we consume any natural substance in excess, it may cause short-term side effects so you must remain cautious of your daily consumption. Be sure to use a small amount of Mitragyna products so that you feel the good effects and a surge of energy!

What Does It Taste Like?

Apart from the name, the most diverse property of the Yellow Kratom strain is the aroma and taste. You must have heard people talking about the bitter taste of kratom but with Yellow Vietnam, the story is different. Unlike the bitter counterparts, Yellow Vietnam has a sweet and earthy taste that takes you to the tranquil, deep forests where nature uplifts the spirit! This taste makes this strain even more popular among beginners and regular consumers alike.

Where Does Yellow Vietnam Kratom Grow?

The plantation of kratom in Vietnam is along the river course. Starting from the mountains and going down up to the delta, Yellow Vietnam kratom is not distinct due to the drying process alone! The unique location and the fertile soil give this strain its robust qualities.

Does Yellow Vietnam Kratom Get Its Color And Aroma From The Drying Process Alone?

The sweet water from the river also adds to this uniqueness and perhaps the taste of this strain is different due to the regular water supply! Other strains growing in various places are irrigated by rainwater, which is not an everyday occurrence. The river water continuously provides moisture to the Vietnam kratom plantation and the result of this is evident in the taste and aroma.

What Is The Ideal Dosage Of Yellow Vietnam Kratom?

Since Yellow Vietnam kratom is potent, users will not require more than three to five grams of this strain each day. The energizing and stimulating impact of this botanical makes it a hot favorite among people. Another reason for its popularity is that you will not need a spoonful of powder or multiple pills to keep you focused. All you need is a small amount and you will be refreshed all day long!

Is Yellow Vietnam Kratom Expensive?

Many potential users think that kratom will be an expensive herbal product but in reality, when you calculate the amount of kratom used each day, the price of the whole bag gets distributed over months! Yellow Vietnam Kratom is an exotic novelty but if you buy from reliable online stores, the price of this strain is reasonable. Unauthorized and unreliable vendors might try to rob customers but the online shops that are authorized by the American kratom Association provide the best kratom products at reasonable rates.

Which Online Shop Is Best For Yellow Vietnam Kratom?

In the United States, there are hundreds of online shops for Mitragyna products. If you are looking for the best kratom strains, look for an online shop that offers laboratory-tested products. The AKA GMP packaging compliance is another check for quality.

If an online shop provides safe and vacuum-sealed bags and jars, the Mitragyna products will be fresh and safe to use. Always pick an online shop after reading reviews and consulting regular customers. The best online shops for kratom in the USA will offer fresh, potent, and impactful Yellow Vietnam kratom at a reasonable price.

In A Nutshell

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is an excellent pick for those who want the taste, deep aroma, and stimulation that lasts all day long. Vietnam kratom is a novelty but it is becoming popular due to its distinct properties. You can find a quality online shop and order this strain at a reasonable price to start your journey. Be sure to try this strain as it offers a lot of unique effects and the best part is that you will not feel the bitter aftertaste.

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