Inevitably, everyone gets nervous when they are trying something new, especially when it is related to their real wealth called- Health. We are surrounded by so many options to choose from but we should not choose any option without some homework.

If you are into herbs then you must be having some know-how about Kratom. Due to the increased demand, there are plenty of Kratom brands and retailers, Zen Kratom is among the brands that are serving for a while. Although it is one of the famous brands, yet there are many queries about it. Finding unbiased information online is rare but today, we will be presenting to you authentic information about this company so you decide for yourself if you should opt for this one or not. Let’s meet at the end!

About Zen Kratom

Zen Kratom is one of the famous brands because it was the first one to introduce Liquid Kratom Shot. Now, there are other sellers as well that sell Liquid Kratom Shot. There are plenty of retailers dealing in the products of this brand and out of these, Horizon Wholesale is the popular one.

This brand offers highly potent products which sometimes amaze even the Kratom-heads that have been using this herb for long enough. Due to this reason, many people say that their products should only be consumed by experienced Kratom lovers. Also, you should not consume its products if you have to make some important decision.

This brand is not active online and it seems like they used their site years ago. This makes it a hassle to contact them. They prefer selling their stuff through vendors.

Products Of Zen Kratom

There are plenty of local and online sellers that deal in the products of this brand but people mostly prefer purchasing them online. It is not necessary that the seller will know accurate information about it if you are purchasing this herb from a local store. You can find this brand’s products in the gas stations and pumps as well. As this company believes in Business to Business selling, Horizon Wholesale has the below-mentioned products available with it related to this brand;

Quality Of Zen Kratom Products

Kratom is not approved by The Food and Drug Administration because there is barely any solid research conducted on this herb and so, there is a lack of proof for its safety. The brand does not have any proof of the lab tests its products go through.

Lab tests are conducted to ensure that the Kratom used to prepare the items is safe because it is free of any impurities. Usually, companies like to have each batch that they produce go through lab testing. After the items are declared contaminant-free, then they are further processed.

Moreover, there is another company named VivaZen that works under Horizon Wholesale just as Zen Kratom. VivaZen’s products happened to be a hot topic in the past because people went through certain side effects after using them. This is why it would be a great help for Zen Kratom if they post their lab testing certificates as well.

It seems like the American Kratom Association, which ensures that the companies associated with it are following all the strict guidelines to deliver the best of products, does not have the name of Zen Kratom in its list. However, in the past, the name of this brand was said to be there on the list. On the other hand, it also does not have any analysis reports about the third-party lab tests.

Prices Of Zen Kratom

As said earlier, the products of this band are genuinely potent, consequently, their prices are a bit high for an average person. However, it should be kept in mind that if you use two bottles of some other brand to enjoy the effects of Kratom then using this brand will make you consume just one bottle. Secondly, you can also use some other brands and use Zen products occasionally and that too if you want to enjoy a potent dose.

Ultra Premium Kratom Extract Capsules$8.95 per capsule
Ultra Premium Liquid Kratom Extract$14.95 per bottle
XXX Ultra Premium Kratom Extract Shot$15.95 per bottle
Ultra Premium Crushed Leaf Kratom$9.25 for 10ct

Discounts, Coupons and Offers By Zen Kratom

Unfortunately, this brand does not offer any coupons and discount codes. So, if you find their rates out of your range then you should not opt for it because there is almost no chance for their prices to decrease, even as a result of coupons and discounts.

Customer Support By Zen Kratom

As this brand has an inactive website, you can’t say anything about their customer service. However, Horizon Wholesale has responsive stuff.

If you adore strong strains regardless of the prices then Zen Kratom is your one-stop-shop. On the flip side, if safety is your main concern then you should know that this brand does not show any proof of its lab tests, nor is it there on the list of the American Kratom Association.


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