History reveals that herbs have been used for a very long time for dealing with a variety of diseases, to serve for culinary purposes and for many other reasons. There are many advantages of using herbal products and one of which is that they do not have any adverse effects on the body.

There are plenty of brands who have specialised in botanicals and herbs, including a herb called Kratom. Zion Herbals is among such brands.

There are many vendors who sell bogus products in the name of the brand Zion Herbals and it has become difficult for customers to identify which product is originally from Zion. Don’t worry! This review, consisting of totally authentic facts will help you make a choice on whether you should buy the product or not and from where you should buy it from online stores or a market nearby.


Zion herbals is a U.S based brand that was established in 2015. It offers herbs and other botanicals as well. The word ‘ZION’ is used in the Bible which means Hebrew.  The company has made its name in a very short time span because of its amazing products and one of the most fantastic of them is Kratom .

The product of Zion Herbals Kratom is the most famous as it is taking the place of antibiotics among the people of the U.S. It does not have any apparent side effects and also has the ability to boost energy levels which is the plus point as well.

The herbs used in the making of these products are carefully taken from the trees. This is the one of the most customer catching things among all the other aspects. Many vendors are out there who are selling the product online as well as in the stores.


Now this is very much clear that the company Zion Herbals is there to provide you the herbal products enriched with the benefits. However, this is a frequently asked question— What are the products which we can get from Zion Herbals? Let us answer this for you. You can purchase Green Tea, Hemp products , Element C , Bulk Kratom, Bulk Botanicals, Kratom extracts powder and capsules.

Apart from all these other products their 24k gold Kratom extract has also become the centre of attraction in the customers lobby as the online reviews of this specific product are becoming the customers’ choice. There are also some other products which are in the list of the best ones and these are Blue Lotus, Akuamma Seed Powder , Botana Fresh CBD Hemp Extract Gum, Green Tea Crushed Leaf, CBD capsules , Kanna extract powder, Mitragyna javanica, Tongat Ali, Organic red clover flowers, Livity extract , Kola nut powder, Klip Dagga whole leaf which are making Zion Herbals a top herb selling brand.


The NuWave Botanicals is one of the most famous vendors who are providing the fine and first class products from the brand Zion Herbals. This is one of the best sellers of the brand and if you are willing to buy something ‘HERBAL’ you should definitely go for this amazing vendor.

There is a website called NuWave Botanicals which is providing the products of the brand Zion Herbals. Shop. Kratom is also an online store from which the Kratom based products can be purchased. Alibaba is an online store which has worldwide customers and is a relief for many to know that the products of Zion Herbals are also available there. 


This is the most important and frequently asked question— Are the products of this brand pocket friendly or not? The answer to this question is both Yes and No. There is a reason behind it and the reason is that if you are purchasing a single product then it might feel like an expensive purchase but if you are buying multiple products then you may get the discount.

Many vendors offer discounts if you purchase from them in bulk. Also, if you make a purchase of over $50 then they will offer free delivery. The brand has a vast array of products which makes it difficult to quote the prices of all of them but here is the price list of some of the famous and widely used products.

Maeng Da Kratom (1000gms)Less than $100
Gold Reserve$39.99


There isn’t any doubt in this fact that the product has a very good pricing quality and other factors but this is a little problem that the brand only accepts the payments from limited sources which may become a serious problem for the customers.

Top Kratom companies provide the option to their users to pay through Zelle, Bitcoin and many other options but Zion Herbals does not provide this facility to their customers. But there is good news! The company is trying its best to provide its customers with all the convenient ways of transactions.


Although the brand does get its products tested through the lab named the Wonderful labs, but, they have no test results posted on their website. Consequently, this makes it look shady because the majority of the branda display their lab reports to earn customers’ trust.

Secondly, AKA GMP has not qualified this brand which might be a discouragement for the people to purchase through it.


As Zion Herbals is genuinely active on social media, you can catch them on Facebook, Instagram and also on Twitter. You heard it right! There are lots and lots of customer reviews on the website of the brand and they are about the pricing, shipping, services and other things. Surprisingly most of the reviews are positive.

The know-how about customer services can also be predicted by the customer reviews and from the social media platform and official websites. Moreover, when being dealt by this brand, you will face no issues regarding your queries being unheard. They are always there to listen to you and respond as soon as they get the chance.

Final Word

Now when it’s time to sum up the review we can say that this particular brand is one of the brands that offer a lot to their customers and try to be as best as possible. What good they offer is;

Inevitably, it is a rule of thumb that nothing is perfect and the complains regarding the brand include;

By looking at all the pros and cons now, it seems like a no big deal to try this brand out. The brand has something for everyone but their speciality products might end up being costly for you. Lastly, we hope it has become easier for you to make the right choice without fuss.

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