Are you looking for an online vendor that sells premium quality without any hidden ingredients and charges? Zona Kratom is a notch above as it is an Indonesian company that provides Mitragyna to the whole world!

The company

Zona Kratom is a reliable source for kratom from Indonesia. This company delivers fresh, potent, and impactful kratom from the farms and all-natural forests in Indonesia. The various strains are rich in alkaloids and have an extra punch due to the purity levels and the fresh supply.

Borneo, Sumatra, Bali and Hulu Kapuas are the main locations for kratom harvest. Zona believes in quality and providing the best kratom products so you can become a regular customer without thinking twice. Zona Kratom is an excellent place for quality, and one dose of any of these strains can tell you that the variety of effects will never bore you!

The product display

The production line from Zona is not vast, but the nine strains you can buy are all popular, sought after due to unique effects, and full of new alkaloids that make all the difference! You can buy Maeng Da, Hulu Kapuas, Bali, and Borneo kratom in red, green, white, and gold strain variations.

All the kratom strains are available in kilo-bags as Zona Kratom knows that the whole bag will be of use to consumers ordering from all parts of the world. However, there are 20-kg packs available for wholesale and for vendors who want to ensure the best quality products under their banner.

The capsules from Zona Kratom come in 500-gram bags or kilo bags. This vendor might not seem suitable for consumers who take a small amount of kratom, but once you use the smallest pack of capsules, the effects will get you hooked for a long time!

Sample Packs from Zona Kratom

Hey, wait! You might feel slightly disappointed at the size of kratom bags, but here’s some good news for small-dose consumers! Zona Kratom sells sample packs weighing two kilograms but containing four various kratom strains. You get 500 grams of each strain, which is good enough for all beginners to get started with the best quality of Mitragyna.

Product prices, discounts, coupons, and more

Before you buy from a particular shop, you can compare the prices of kratom from various vendors. Zona Kratom has a competitive price range, and considering the quality and fresh kratom, these strains are a steal!

A kilo bag from Zona costs $90, while the same strains cost more than $150 from manufacturers in the United States. Zona has a clear edge over other vendors due to its location. In Indonesia, a manufacturing unit can pick kratom leaves and process them the same day into various products! The factor of freshness is crucial for all herbal products! However, the 20-kilogram pack costs $1000, which means that the price is even lower when you decide to buy more!

This feature is not all, as Zona Kratom offers discounts and seasonal sales. You can find discount coupons and sale prices on every item and enjoy the best quality of kratom at an irresistible price.

Indonesian origin can be a slight problem!

In the United States, we have strict laws regarding laboratory tests, packaging, and consumerism to ensure that buyers feel safe. However, being an Indonesian company, Zona Kratom does not practice many practices of ethical consumerism! Here is a list of things that you must consider before buying.

• Laboratory tests

Zona Kratom is in Indonesia and does not have rigorous safety rules in the United States. Laboratory testing is not available for the products as there are lenient rules for botanical products and proving their efficacy.

However, users claim that Zona Kratom is always fresh, and therefore, it has no negatives such as contamination or harmful ingredients. The company will introduce laboratory-tested kratom products soon, but till then, it may seem a little risky to use products that go unnoticed if they are tainted with heavy metals or microbes!

• GMP compliance

Another shocking revelation for many consumers is that Zona Kratom is not on the list of GMP-compliant vendors that the American Kratom Association approves. The AKA stresses the importance of packaging to ensure that the laboratory-tested kratom strains remain fresh and free from impurities.

However, Zona Kratom does not follow GMP outlines for packaging kratom powder in vacuum-sealed bags and selling capsules in locked cap jars. The company seeks AKA’s recognition, but till then, we all are anxiously waiting!

• Return policy

Unlike many vendors in the United States, Zona Kratom does not offer refunds or exchanges on orders. If you buy a product, then you cannot return it to the shop! Even strict online shops would accept returns in the U.S if the shipping service tore the bag or damages from shipping are evident. Zona Kratom provides fresh kratom products, but all the practices that we enjoy in our country are not followed well by this Indonesian vendor!

Customer Reviews

Now that we have discussed the high and fresh quality products and the lacking consumerism, we have to take a second glance at Zona Kratom as the customers from different parts of the world share their great experiences and talk about the products with fond admiration!

User reviews show that the kratom products from Zona are so fresh and potent that those users have accepted it as the best vendor online!


Zona kratom is an Indonesian kratom vendor that is famous for selling fresh Mitragyna products. Like garden vegetables taste richer because they are fresh when cooked, Zona kratom products have an extra kick and leave a long-lasting impact. However, once you make up your mind about the absence of laboratory testing and packaging, Zona Kratom emerges as the best option for excellent quality at a great price!

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